Jul 22, 2012
My question is more of a question of "Is it worth buying?" I would like to have multiple (min 2 possibly 4 or more) computers all built to do specific tasks (Gaming, Graphics/Animation/Video Editing, Audio/Sound Engineering, Software/hardware Testing, Computer/Network repair/management, and General Use) but do not want several monitors, keyboards, and mice everywhere on my desk let alone the space for all the cables, wires, and the towers themselves. Would it be a good investment to get a KVM switch (or a few depending on number of computers) or would I be able to remote desktop into which ever one I needed at the time with reasonable quality when it comes to speed, graphical fidelity, and sound fidelity.

So once again my question is, is it worth buying a few cheap KVM switches to get the job done?

Also, I may have more questions about KVM switches in the future depending on feedback.

Thank you very much for you time with this question.