Help choosing a budget gaming laptop (~$700)


Sep 16, 2015
Seems that the budget gaming laptop range is $700-800 and I've been doing some research. I'm willing to spend a little more money if I get enough value out of it. If there isn't much difference then I'd rather spend less money. So far I have these options but willing to consider others if you have a suggestion!

Dell suggested from a budget website...and I have amazon prime:

MSI from micro center but it's $800 only after rebate (but 1100 online!?) has refurbished ones for that worth it? one is 90 bucks more than the other not sure if the extra specs are worth the extra money:

Those are what I've found so far in the 700-800 dollar range. Which one is the best/has most value? Any other place I should look?

Thank you so much!