Help choosing between these laptops

Mar 6, 2018
Had my old laptop die on me and was in search of a new one. Price point was up to 1600cad, which is about 1250usd, but was willing to maybe push it up to 2000 under special circumstances. There was a sale on newegg for this Asus, which sold out instantly, and I got one which was 1350 cad, or about 1050usd.

I initially wanted, a UHD touchscreen (this is fhd, uhd model is $100 more and was not on sale like this was), but upon further investigation I thought it may be pointless, due to this laptop having a really bad battery life compared to the rest of the market which will drain it even more, it being a 15" screen so not really that noticeable, and the fact that I don't even think it is true UHD in the vivo books really even if it's advertised as such.

In any case, this kind of fit my criteria that I was looking for which was touchscreen, lightweight, and a strong processor. Battery life is the only issue. And at this price point I don't think there is much on the market that could beat this deal? (feel free to give other suggestions if you feel I am mistaken, but often times in Canada prices are at a premium, not just because of the exchange rate, for most laptop models than in the US).

I also looked at this model,

which has all the features I was looking for, but would be $650 more expensive. It would have the 8th gen "utalitarian" processor, which from all standpoints is weaker than the 7th gen 7700HQ it seems, and the graphic card would be weaker as well. Although I'm not 100% on which models they are, and how much of a difference there really is between NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB GDDR5 that the Asus has and 4 GB NVIDIA® 940MX Graphics that the Dell has. This would have UHD touchscreen though, which I do believe is true UHD, and definitely a larger battery life of 1.5 to 2hrs I would assume. I would most likely go for the Dell if they were relatively evenly priced but the price difference is significant (factoring in tax it's actually 750$!).

So, wanted to ask, with these specifications in mind, which would you choose as a laptop? And if neither, what model would you suggest as a replacement (within the same price ranges of course).

The Dell you linked has a good SSD but a bad video card, the 940MX is a lower spec one from last generation. Any laptop sold with it should be on clearance, and forget about playing games on it at that high of a resolution. For a laptop screen, 1080 is plenty. Between the ones you linked, the ASUS is a much much better deal.