Help choosing my new audio setup


Apr 5, 2011
:hello: I have a creative SBS A235, which is 2.1.. For last few years it served me well :D . Now i am going for a 5.1 system.
The main purpose i use my audio system is gaming, movies and music. I am on a tight budgetand i am not ann audiophile.I am a general user who just want's to taste surround sound :bounce:

and for now i will use them with my internal 7.1 audio card (VIA audio) . i may buy x-fi in future

some 5.1 systems available in my country
Creative Inspire T6100 --- 3200 INR
Creative Inspire T6160 --- 3300 INR

Logitech Z506 --- 4500 INR (Costly, want to know if it worth it's price)

My choice is creative mainly.. but got confused in this two, 6100 has tweeter, 75W RMS, side firing sub. but 6160 which is a later model has lower RMS, no tweeter, center is equally powered as rest.

I don't bother for a remote as i have volume control keys in my keyboard :kaola:

So guys tell me which 1 i should go for.. and also let me know if any other model/make is there in this price range


Oct 15, 2007
read up on how we dont usually suggest which speaker set to go with.
you need to make the decision yourself.
and you shouldnt be asking others, giving them a chance to lie to you.

people make different sacrifices.
one person might suggest one set of speakers because the vocals are more realistic.
another person might suggest one set of speakers because the frequency response is extended.
and neither one of these people will necessarily tell you that the reason they chose one or the other is based on one of the above reasons.

for what it is worth.. somebody might come along and tell you which one to get because they have it too and it hasnt broken for quite some time.

if you want somebody to pick for you.. grab a coin and say which speaker set gets heads, then flip the coin and let nature decide.
(usually it is best to toss the coin into the wind from a fan, because sometimes people can get the mass of the coin and adjust their toss to get whichever side they want.. it can happen subconsciously and consciously)

i just dont understand how i could be holding up a t-shirt with a design on it and expect everyone to like the shirt the same.
one person might be willing to pay $15 for the shirt.. another person might be willing to pay only $5

the problem here is, you ask if it is worth the price (or which one) without care as to how people are going to respond.
improvements are facts, but not everybody considers the change to be an improvement.

so if you want somebody to flip a coin for you, sure i'll do that.
but i dont know how those speakers sound.. i dont know how easily they break.. i dont know when they die from proper use.. there is no direction to give from rational thought.

at least do yourself a favor and read some reviews to look for people that are complaining about broken speakers/amplifier (or volume dial)
it shouldnt be much to ask yourself if you want low listening levels or louder listening levels.
all of them are for lower listening levels, but you might find one set is not going to get loud at all.. while another set might get 'loud'
the 6100 and the z506 have solid reviews.. the other 6160 is missing a star and a half, so you might want to check into why the star is missing.