Help! Computer speakers arent working.


Dec 15, 2017
I just bought a new computer, and never seen this before. I plugged my speakers in the rear jack and trouble shoot says speakers disconnected. When i plug them into the front jack they work. Its a brand new computer so its really strange.

Advicw please?!?


Nov 3, 2009

Open programs and be sure that full drivers are installed for the audio hardware on the motherboard..
Computer manufacturer will have drivers on their website.
Open software and configure speaker / headphone jacks (use the green jack if there is one)
A headphone out (green jack) will drive powered speakers, so don't be afraid to use it.
Find out which hardware is on the motherboard. Go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for that certain motherboard.
The drivers may have been updated to fix the problems...
(only use original drivers - do not download drivers from 3rd parties)
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