Question HELP connecting active bookshelves to active subwoofer


Jun 28, 2013

I am looking to get the Thonet & Vander KÜRBIS bluetooth bookshelves in a few days and was wondering if in the future, i would be able to connect it to the POLK PSW10 subwoofer (also active) so I can use them together even with bluetooth? Please HELP!!

bookshelf back

sub back

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect wire from the speaker out of the powered bookshelf to the LEFT speaker level input on the sub and connect wire from the LEFT speaker level output on the sub to the PASSIVE bookshelf speaker?
That will work but you will only get the bass from the channel that the passive speaker is playing. Most bass tends to be mono so it's probably OK. No harm in trying it.
You could run the wire that goes from the speaker of the powered channel out of the cabinet and back in to get both channels into the sub. Not electrically complicated but it would require you to modify the cabinet and that would void the warranty.
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