help dell inspiron 830

Danielle Brumback

Sep 16, 2013
hi can some one help me i have a dell inspiron 830 when i plug the ac adaptor in the light comes on for a second the charge battery light only but the battery is full so it goes off but the power light its self does not come on the ac light is green the power button does nothing ive tuke the laptop apart tuke all memory ram all that out and back in try the power button down for 30 second methed i cant figure it out but every day or so it will cut on by its self but if i turn it off it will not come back on so if i wait a day or 2 it will come back on by its self... it will not run on the battery also and its100% i do not kno what to do can some one please help the ac plug in the laptop seems to be fine not even lose pin is stright thanks