help for lap specs & model

Gokul Reddy

Nov 25, 2014
i am planning to buy a lap top in India for my own use
i am an architecture student & my function would be bit high on using software such as Auto cad architecture 3d, Google sketch up 3d, lumion pro, photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max, ms office... high end rendering will be done most of the time
kindly help mw with a laptop & its specs
(budget - 1lakh)


I would recommend something like these

Reason being,

a) They have strong CPUs so you should never be bogged down by that
b) They have plenty of RAM, since a lot of these applications are memory hungry
c) The GPUs while they aren't the Quadro series, they will perform faster, have more cores, more VRAM, higher Mem Speed.

Now these might not be exactly the ones you'll get but if you look at them as guidelines in terms of price for spec they should meet your needs.


Jul 30, 2014
Hey there, Gokul Reddy!

I believe that @Warukyure suggestions are pretty accurate.
Solid system specs which should provide you with the performance you need for the demanding applications you use as an architecture student. Besides all the reasons he mentioned as advantages of these laptop suggestions, I can add another one concerning the storage.
Both laptops have pretty good specs on that too - 1 TB HDD with 7200 RPM, which means:
1. Enough capacity to hold the files (raw and completed) for all the software apps.
2. Good read/write speed to even have the less demanding ones like MS Office and Adobe apps installed on the HDD.
( I've personally used Adobe apps on a lower-end HDDs with 5400 RPM and still get good performance from both Photoshop and Illustrator.)
However, I'd most probably look for a model that offers an SSD as well, or simply install one along the way for the OS and most demanding apps.

Hope I was helpful and thank you for notifying me about your thread! :)


Nov 9, 2014
This one suggestet from Warukyure: " " is the best for you but you can go with Lenvo y50 too , there is a model with 4K display and one with 1080p they both are great:
1. 1080p:
2. 4K:

They all are greate but if you need it for video editing too I personaly would go with the Lenovo Y50 4K edition :)