Help me choose new System


Jul 23, 2012
Hey, So a while back I used this site to get help with building my PC and overall I am really happy with that and all the advice I got so I thought I would ask here again as I feel like upgrading my t.v system now that I have a job haha.

What I am looking for : HDTV 1080p
Uses: Films, Gaming, monitor for PC now and then - in order of importance
Make: No pref(Best for my budget)
Size: Would really love a 42 inch but depends on the feedback I get although I really do want 42 :)
Surround sound system: Yes IF applicable in my budget or some suggestions of ones near my budget if slightly over.
Country: Scotland
Budget: £450 - £500 MAX

So I am looking for any advice on which would suit my needs and are good value, and maybe recommendations of what websites I can use. So far I have been thinking this one would be great for me

TV I saw

P.S I am thinking wall mount maybe.

Thanks for reading.
in decending order of brand preference:
sony, samsung, possibly lg

i would suggest a standard 50 or 60hz (depending on your country's specs) lcdtv. led or ccfl backlight doesnt matter. led will save you money on the power bill however.

as far as a sound system is concerned... if you expanded your budget a bit i could suggest one (energy take 5.1 classic + a cheap-ish receiver) but you're going to be cutting it a bit close with your current budget for anything but a cheap-ish soundbar.

i wouldnt go with any crap brands like vizio, olevia, etc. more trouble than they are worth unless you have zero budget and accept the fact that if they break they cannot be fixed. (parts availability is the issue)