Apr 1, 2018
i've been googling a lot of solutions but none of them seem to be helping, i have a Toshiba Satellite L-50 A. It all started when i was playing fortnite, i got a little frustrated with the constant freezes since my laptop is old so i decided to hit it, i had headphones on at the time and during the freeze i heard this static lagging noise so i forced my laptop to shut down by holding onto the button, when i rebooted it it said media failed then no device found please reboot your system. I've probably downloaded Windows 10 over 5 times just to try and reset everything. There are many problems that my laptop has for example,
1. Black Screen after toshiba loading
2. Really Slow during windows installation
3. Black screen with a _ in the top left
4. When installing new OS it is stuck on copying files 0%

Please leave any comments or solutions down below and i'll get back to you to see if i had tried it already, i know i should be more patient during the windows installation but i was getting fustrated as my laptop is so slow to load everything and it took me 2 days of constant stress trying to fix this 8 year old laptop. I don't want to spend any more money to try and fix this laptop with experts.

P.S. In BIOS mode it has been able to identify my HDD/SDD and all my other components so i don't think thats the problem, please help!


Mar 1, 2018
Decided to "hit it" :D Where did you fist it? So let me get this straight, you where trying to play fortnite it was lagging or freezing (meaning you had to reboot always) then you got angry and fisted the laptop and after that it completly froze?

Phillip Corcoran

"when i rebooted it it said media failed then no device found"

That's the typical message you get when there's a hard drive problem.

Either you hit it hard enough to cause the hard drive to crash & fail, or if you're lucky it's just become dislodged.

Try re-seating the hard drive first (ie remove it and put it firmly back in place) and if that doesn't work you may need a new hard drive. Losing your temper with a PC is unlikely to turn out well.
Apr 1, 2018
May i ask how to relodge the harddrive on this laptop? Mainly because during the installation of windows i cleared all data on every drive.
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