Help me get a swiss army knife laptop


Nov 27, 2016
hi all! i think i am new here, and this is my cry for help.

My current laptop is dying, and i need a replacement.

- I want it to produce music, handling several synths at once (they say you need an i7 for that)

- I want it to edit HD videos.

- And i want to game with it, yes.

I have a dell xps 17 from 2011. While it still lives, i don't want to repeat the same mistake i did when i bought it (buy a laptop with enough power to do almost everything, but without the cooling, capabilities nor the maintenance options needed to survive the task)

So i want a powerful laptop that doesn't grill my hand, and isn't louder than concorde passing by.

I realise that my best bet, for the graphics, would be one of the new pascal GPUs, that are more efficient and hence run cooler and shouldn't make a lot of noise. That would also (hopefully) extend their lifetime.

For the rest, i will not settle for less than 16GB RAM, and at least a 128GB SSD. I would like a line in but i have an external sound card so i could live without it.

So far I have narrowed it down to two options:

Both are more expensive than what i intended to spend, but right now they are the only options that tick all the boxes, unless the lower msis or asus with their thinner profiles are able to run cool and silent (but i am assuming if that was the case, they wouldn' t need to make the bulkier ones.... )

So, does any of these two have a real advantage over the other, in terms of performance?

Would you recommend any other more cost effective model?

Thanks in advance for all the help!


Question from nanocus : "Help me get a swiss army knife laptop"

I'd suggest you sit down and decide which is more important - gaming or productivity. Unless you're willing to pay €5,000+ for a Eurocom device, it's going to be one or the other.

If it's productivity first and gaming second, you're looking at a workstation, like a Dell Precision or a Lenovo ThinkPad P50. With a budget of around €1,500, you can customize your way into a very powerful workstation that will also play sophisticated AAA titles.

If it's gaming first and productivity second, then you've already found two very capable candidates. The ASUS has a small lead with its Type-C port, but the MSI is noticeably lighter at 3,7 kg.

Alternatives include XMG from Germany (quite expensive) and DreamMachines from Poland (marginally more expensive). DreamMachines will allow you to configure a 17.3" laptop with specs matching the ASUS for around €1,700. See for yourself at:

Both manufacturers will ship to Spain.