Help me with this choice


Jul 9, 2017
I don't know which laptop to buy.
My 2 choices are:
ACER E5-575G-39K9
1TB, 4GB DDR4 ram,Intel core i3-6100U,Nvidia GTX 950M but no windows so it amounts to 689$ with windows.
The other choice is the
Acer E5-553G-F33P
1TB,16GB DDR4 ram,AMD FX-9800P, AMD Radeon R7 M440 but it has windows already and it is 674$. Will the 12Gb of ram make up for the weaker graphics
The Radeon R7 M440 is less powerful than a nVidia 920m. That means it is far less powerful than the GTX 950m. No amount of system RAM is going affect it's performance since the R7 M40 has it's own dedicated RAM.