Question Acer E5 575G hard boot and freeze

Nov 28, 2020
Hello I have an Acer Aspire E5- 575G from 1 year so now 1 month I got one problem.
I3 6006U , Nvidia 940MX, 4GB DDR4, SSD Evo 860, HD 1TB
So normaly the laptop come with just the 1TB HDD so I bought a kingston SSD and I replace it with the HDD and the HDD I put instend of the CD Rom, So few months everything was working fine, and now from 1 month the laptop turn on really hard when is cold... Some times need like 20--25 attempts. After the windows logo it just shows black screen... It was with windows 10 and I reinstalled it and the problem continue... and now from 1 weeek it just freeze some times after start. Oh and if I leave the lid open and after hours I can't wake the laptop, and if I close the lid is the same can't wake it up. I tryed changing the power option settings as well.
Now few days some how I manage to install Windows 7 and the problem the first day didn't exist but now again is the same... Today It turned on after 10 attempts and it freezed 3 times.
I replaced the kingstone SSD with Evo 860 but is the same... I removed the HDD but is the same. I tested both of them but no bad sectors and they are healthy. I haven't try to remove the battery because its integrated. The problem is the same no matter the power cable is plugged or not. I did update the bios Indesity 1.25 > 1.45 and again is the same.
Thanks in advance.


Jul 7, 2020
If I understand, you have two problems:
  • The laptop won't start reliably when it is at normal room temp. Do you have any issue if you shut if off when warm and try to start it again a few seconds later?
  • It doesn't come back from sleep (or hibernation depending on your settings) when you close and reopen the lid. Is this also an immediate things or only if it sits a while and cools down?
Nov 28, 2020
Hello so:
When the laptop was running and warm only twice I had the problem and when I click shut down from start menu it started with delay on the mouse for 1-2 seconds then freeze.. like lagg

The laptop won’t wake up if it’s stay for a while.

And what I noticed is that when I try to boot for first time at the morning and it show black screen after the Windows logo, if I leave it like this for a while and after that I try again to boot it boot from the first time.
Nov 28, 2020
A little update, In safe mode that laptop start perfect.. But I have no idea how to work with safe mode, so can't find what is causing that problem. I tryed checking the options base video and runing only with network but can't find the problem. The laptop starts only if I have checked "minimal".
Any idea please ? :)
Nov 28, 2020
Problem solved...
I disable the 940mx card and its booting okey...
Probatly almost dead.
Do you have an idea if I can replace it ? From what I know its coming with the cooling system?

Edit: I cleared the laptop fan etc. I removed the cooling system cleared the old thermal paste from the video card and the processor with whiskey ;p Had little old titanium thermal paste and replaced it and now its booting property.

If anyone got the same problem just to say.
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