HELP! My second laptop that is using the same internet connection as my first one, Won't connect to the internet.

Timur Nazarovs

Aug 31, 2014
I have 2 Laptops, (Wireless) They're about 20 Cm away from eacother, I am using my first Laptop to type this, My Second laptop is using to the same internet connection as my first laptop, My first laptop is succesfuly connected to the internet, But the second one isn't, I tried disconecting and Reconecting, Searching threads (Found None), We already payed for the internet (Still no internet on the second Laptop)

Please come with a solution and help!

(Sorry for my bad English, English is not my first language)


Dec 15, 2014
I assume you are using a WIFI router to connect two devices.
Does your second laptop detects your WIFI connection and can connect to it but no internet connection when you browse or you can't connect to your wireless network at all?

I had the same problem few months ago (the latter one), when my husband can connect and my laptop can't even get through our wireless network. What I did was check those who are on the list of who connects to our WIFI and I found my device's Physical address under the "block list". He does block other computers to connect to our WIFI whenever connection is slow for his online streaming.

Hope someone could share a solution as well. Bumping this up!