Help picking a Stabilizer...


Mar 29, 2013
Hi guys,

I film POV style footage, using Gopro's (but also sometimes iphone and even camcorders)

My footage isn't hardcore action, like snowboarding or surfing, but does involve harsh movements such as walking, jogging etc.

I have never used a stabilizer but have decided after looking at my last video that I desperately need one. I have done enough research to know about 3 axis vs 2 axis... and I think 3 axis is a must, but can be convinced otherwise if needed.

My problem is that if I have a stabilizer, I don't necessarily want it to absorb EVERY SINGLE movement. I want it to eradicate shaking by 100% - but if I pan a few inches to the left to focus on a different subject... or perhaps tilt down slightly to focus on someones feet, then I won't want the stabilizer to absorb that and keep facing forwards.

I guess in a perfect world, I would have a 3 axis stabilizer, where each axis can have a sensitivity control. So I would eradicate roll completely, but pan and tilt I would set to low sensitivity so it gets rids of heavy shaking but allows for intentional movement

Hopefully this makes sense to people.

I guess the aim of this thread isn't only to point me to good options, but also to learn from as I might not be understanding the fundamentals of how stabilizers work.



Mar 16, 2016
A comparitive review of these things

But when most people are talking about stabilizers they are talking about stabilized lenses for fancy cameras not $250

Stabilizers work to take out "shaking". They do not stop panning from taking place. Some have the ability to turn off later stability so that you can pan more smoothly.

Guys with fancy cameras use oil-damped tilt-pan tripods as the most basic tool. No tool is more effective for stabilization than a tripod.
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