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    Campark ACT74 Review: Modest Budget Action Cam

    The Campark Xtreme 1+ is an inexpensive basic action camera that offers decent performance, 4K recording ability and an assortment of included accessories. Campark ACT74 Review: Modest Budget Action Cam : Read more
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    Will gorpo mic adapter work with other brands of cameras?

    Has anyone tried the gopro mic adapter with SJCAM, YI, etc...?
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    GoPro Hero6 Review: The Best Action Camera

    The Hero6 Black includes some internal upgrades that'll make it worth the higher price for professional photographers or videographers, but casual users might want to buy the previous-generation model. GoPro Hero6 Review: The Best Action Camera : Read more
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    GoPro vs Spotlight

    I am wondering how well the camera on a GoPro Hero3 would handle a 4,500 lumen spotlight, both direct and indirect beam. Basically, could you obscure the GoPro image with the spotlight? Would it be possible to hide something large behind the light? Say, 500ft wide. Would it still obscure the...
  5. V

    Looking for a 1080p60 action camera for amateur free diving

    There's no screen in my home more than capable of 1080p@60hz and I'll never upgrade so I don't want to overkill with my camera choice. Just looking for a simple one that I'll be capturing around no deeper than 8 meters daytime salt water. Also, I won't use premium features like WiFi, GPS...
  6. T

    Help picking a Stabilizer...

    Hi guys, I film POV style footage, using Gopro's (but also sometimes iphone and even camcorders) My footage isn't hardcore action, like snowboarding or surfing, but does involve harsh movements such as walking, jogging etc. I have never used a stabilizer but have decided after looking at my...
  7. K

    My laptop won't playback GoPro videos

    So I recently purchased a GoPro hero session and I've been loving it but there's one major problem. Every time I connect it to my HP Stream laptop (either by inserting the sd card or by plugging it in via usb) it only lets me watch 1 video in the folder, when I try and watch another it says...
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    I just bought this super cheap action camera in-plac of a gopro and I am experiencing some issues.

    I just bought this super cheap action camera in-place of a gopro and I am having some issues viewing the footage. I have the 1080p sports cam that i ordered off of amazon. I am able to film video and pictures (an view as shot) on the camera itself, but when I plug my SD card into the computer to...
  9. K

    I need a cheap laptop witch one is good for go pro video editing

    I have no clue what a thread is
  10. K

    GoPro Hero 3 Red Light of death

    Hello, I have a big problem that is commonly referred as "Red light of death" on google. This causes the GoPro to completely freeze up becomming unusable. Nothing displayed on top or on any screen, nothing happends when you press any buttons exept for a red light in the back top left corner of...
  11. C

    Is this laptop ok for 4k video editing

    I have a Panasonic gx85 and a gopro hero 5 and want to edit 4k videos with this machine, I'm not looking for buttery smooth but I dont wanna be pulling my hair out haha Computer Specs: Dell Precision M4600 Quad Core i7-2860QM 2.5 16GB 500GB SSD Win 7 NVidia Laptop 16 GB RAM, Intel core I...
  12. L

    Making a holiday movie.

    Hi all, So just came back from Florida with my family and before I went I invested in a GoPro to take with me as this holiday is probably going to be the last for while. We done pretty much everything or as much as a tourist can do within 2 weeks so I had my GoPro on me for most of the time...
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    Take $50 Off Our Favorite GoPro Camera

    GoPro's rarely discounted flagship is currently $50 off. Take $50 Off Our Favorite GoPro Camera : Read more
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    Solved! GoPro Filter Difficulty

    I have a Gopro Hero 4 Silver and bought a case for it that allowed for a 52mm filter to be attached to it. I decided to take advantage of that and got a Neutral Density filter to get some cool blurred shots. So I tried it with a ND.9, 4-stop filter. I go to Night picture mode, set shutter to 2...
  15. G

    Go Pro reset

    Hello there, I recently bought a gopro hero 5 second hand and I'm not sure if the reset will disable all the tracking things and the devices connected to it. I'm not comfortable using it until I know it is private. Can anyone help me?
  16. tjones9163

    Advanced GoPro question

    How can i cast what i see on my Gopro to my TV or laptop and can i do this both wired and wireless?
  17. S

    Cheaper Alternative to GoPro camera

    So I do urban exploration of abandoned buildings, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good quality action cameras that are similar to a GoPro, but cost less (like in the $200 range). The only requirement I have is that I'd like one that's at least 8MP, has a removable (and thus rechargable)...
  18. N

    What actioncamera to buy - Up to 400$

    I would like to have a waterproof, preferably voice controlled action camera. Main use: traveling, motorbike, bicycle mounts. Mostly for videos. Initially I was thinking about the hero5.
  19. A

    New to Video editing GOPRO

    Hello all, Im very new to video editing, we just went on vacation and i bought a gopro to document all the snorkeling and stuff we did in the bahamas. Im new to filming, i have all my GOPRO video backed up on my pc, ranging from 1080p 60 FPS footage to 2.7 k 60 FPS footage. Anyways i dont know...
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    Score a Free $60 Gift Card with Your GoPro Hero5 Purchase

    Get a free gift card with select GoPro Hero5 purchases. Score a Free $60 Gift Card with Your GoPro Hero5 Purchase : Read more
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    GoPro Karma Ready for Takeoff After Last Year's Recall

    GoPro last year recalled its Karma drone after some trouble, but is now bringing it back to the skies. GoPro Karma Ready for Takeoff After Last Year's Recall : Read more
  22. L

    Retrieve file after deletec codec?

    long story short i had a gopro video(15 gigs so it has a lot of video footage i want to keep) that i transferred to my pc but i guess i might have accidentally deleted the 2nd file for it(its usually the video avi file then some white page looking file with the same name i think) and now the...
  23. MrKillChill

    GoPro Hero+ LCD support a 128gb microsd?

    Hi just bought a Toshiba Exceria M302 128gb thinking that it will work on a gopro hero+ lcd ,will it? I bought it today (for £13) off ebuyer and thought that it is a great deal.I can return it tommorrow because today's a bank holiday. I've seen online people using gopro hero3's that support 64gb...
  24. P

    Understanding Geekbench results for comparing laptops.

    Hi guys, I am looking for a new laptop primarily because I want to edit 4k video shot from my gopro and S7. I'm currently using an old 2009 iMac 27", with i5 2.66ghz 4GB ram, ATI Radeon 4850 512mb graphics card, and a HDD. I don't understand much about computers, and every few years I get...
  25. J

    My gopro Hero3+ silver

    when I try to import files the camera just disconnects then reconnects itself. I tried all my ports and it does this while I'm doing anything while its plugged in and my photos show up, also will not let me import because it says there was a problem but I think that's because of the on and off...
  26. D

    type of GoPro for live video broadcasting

    type of GoPro for live video broadcasting?? connect to HDMI or HD-SDI or what?? pleasseeeeeee Thanks!!
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    Garmin's First 4K Action Camera Takes on GoPro

    Garmin's first-ever 4K action camera could give GoPro's 4K camera a run for its money. Garmin's First 4K Action Camera Takes on GoPro : Read more
  28. J

    Photos on SD Card Black now

    I plug in my gopro to get pictures on my computer, and some pictures show up, but most are just black. Can anyone tell me why?
  29. LightningsalesUK

    GoPro Hero 2 Not Working?

    So my GoPro Hero 2 Has been on a shelf for around a year being unused, I decided to try and and start it up for the first time in a while, I plugged it in however the red light comes up and any attempts to get it to turn on fail. Could it be that it hasn't charged enough yet or my GoPro needs...
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    Here Are 10 Cheap, Creative and Fun Ways to Use Your GoPro

    From streaming live video to Periscope to recording a day through your dog?s eyes, these 10 ideas can help you get the most out of your GoPro. Here Are 10 Cheap, Creative and Fun Ways to Use Your GoPro : Read more
  31. C

    Firefly 6s the gopro killer ?

    Hey guys you all probably have heard of gopro, but I was wondering if any of you have a firefly and could let me ask some questions about it thanks :)
  32. S

    What unique or leading technology do GoPro have?

    I wondering what unique or leading technology do GoPro have? How does it work? Someone told me GoPro have nothing technology in particular, why so popular? <removed by moderator>
  33. thehardwarehacker

    recomended action cams that can be mounted in a car

    hi y'all, im interested in getting a small action can that can be mounted in a cart without too much difficulty, for what i want to do, it needs to record in 1080p, 30 or 60 FPS doesn't really matter, and it needs to have a display. i have found this...
  34. AndrewFreedman

    GoPro's Karma Drone: What We Know So Far

    GoPro is taking to the skies with a drone for its action cameras, and it will launch sometime this year. GoPro's Karma Drone: What We Know So Far : Read more
  35. R

    Cheap laptop for GoPro editing - Uk

    I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver but my current laptop cannot play or edit the footage/timelapses I have taken, it is an old Sony Vaio. I am looking to get a new laptop so that I can edit some of my footage, I am not sure which software to use yet but I imagine I will start with GoPro Studio. I am...
  36. L

    GoPro Hero 4 silver SD Card Error?

    so my gopro has randomly started giving me an sd card error but the thing is it only happens when i record for over 10 seconds. under 10 i can stop it and the video will save, pictures are fine but that 10 second video just sd card errors it. ive tried reformatting the card in the gopro and that...
  37. E

    want to buy second hand go pro + black version

    Hi there, I have decided to buy a go pro black hero 3 plus. Is ebay the best deal in UK ? what's the average price for go pro in uk ebay ? I have checked for a while and most of them from 200 to 300£ any ideas? Regards
  38. J

    Getting better GoPro footage using adapters?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that help's out, I've recently invested into a drone that carries my GoPro Hero 4 Black on a 3-axis gimbal. It works great, footage is lovely and smooth without shakeynous but I want to 'Brighten' up the colours a little bit and get rid of the horrible fish eye...
  39. W

    Laptop — GoPro Editing

    Hello, on here for a friend wondering about laptops, his budget is $290 (not much to work with) and he's looking for a laptop that's main purpose is for GoPro video editing and Surfing the Internet,
  40. S

    Best <$1500 laptop (with utrabook form factor) for GoPro video editing?

    What's the best purchase that's good enough for GoPro video editing? Should be < $1500 and readily available to buy. Thanks. if you can bear with more questions... which one among SP4 i5 8GB RAM vs. i5 16GB RAM vs. i7 8GB RAM. Are these good enough to do 4k video editing?
  41. B

    Stream multiple GoPro feeds into one window?

    Lets assume we have at least two GoPros, which are streaming wirelessly. I need to have multiple streams converged into a single application window, so that I can see multiple views at the same time. Having them stream wirelessly is the easy part, but what they'll be streaming to is more...
  42. K

    Don't Know Which GoPro to Buy

    My brother and I want a GoPro to record the crazy things we do. Our budget is $550 not including tax. Should I buy a GoPro Hero4 Silver ($400) and only have $150 to buy accessories? Or, we could get a Hero 3+ Silver for (about $300) and have $250 to buy extra batteries, mounts, a wall charger...
  43. H

    Live Streaming from many Camera's HDMI out

    I have a problem. I want live streaming from many Camera's Gopro Hero but i don't know connect many camera's HDMI out to my laptop. What device cant made it? Please help me. Thanks in advance
  44. Z

    What is the minimum graphic card to run GoPro Studio?

    I have a Go Pro Hero 4 camera and need to upgrade my graphics card on my computer to run Studio. What is the minimum or best to get?
  45. n00dl3

    HELP...How does GOPRO 4k filming quality compair to more expensive cameras?

    Ok folks I am looking to get a camera for some actual real video editing and being new to the camera game I have a question. I want to film in 4k for the obvious advantages of down scaling and having the best picture possible but I dont have a bizillion dollars to blow on a big time camera...
  46. E

    Help me decide MSI GE60 Apache Pro vs MSI GE62 Apache?

    Hi i want to buy one of this two computers but i dont know which one to get because i would like the better all around but dont want to spend if not necesary. I do some Gopro video editing, also play World of warcraft the latest expansion that is more demanding to play it in ultra settings than...
  47. C

    How to get back erased pictures from GoPro hero3?

    I accidentally erased my pictures and videos from my GoPro, i read somewhere that you can get them back, but how, if any one knows please help?
  48. E

    MSI GS60 ghost buy or not buy??

    I curently have a 2012 macbook pro i7 with 16gb of ram and 256 ssd. But has no dedicated graphic card and im having a hard time running World of warcraft in ultra settings. I bought the macbook primary for gopro video editing, but also to play WoW. But i was thinking that i couls run it in...
  49. T

    GoPro or Canon?

    I'm not sure what to get a gopro hero 4 or a canon s120? I will be using them for general purposes. Many Thanks
  50. J

    MTP USB Device - Unable to see the disk in My Computer

    Hi Guys, I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black + and they recently released a new software for the camera. Since I installed it I am unable to see the disk mounted in my PC. When I plug the camera in, Windows is saying that it's "Installing device driver software" It then says "MTP USB Device" and...
  51. Greysonj

    Any advice for a new GoPro user?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a GoPro Hero4 Black for an upcoming vacation (and many vacations after it). I'm planning on using it primarily for underwater footage, with the occasional non-underwater shot. Anyway, what type of equipment should I get to accompany it? I've read about different...
  52. T

    GoPro video What computer to buy?

    I need a computer that will edit video from my GoPro with out problems. i7 with 16 ram and dedicated graphics card. Can you make suggestions on which computers will handle it with out all the glitches? I like Toshiba, Dell, and Acer. Thank you for any suggestions.
  53. jordandee1998

    Quadcopter/Drone to mount camera?

    So i have a GoPro Hero 4 black and I'm looking for the best quadcopter to mount it onto. As the camera cost me around $500, I dont want to spend more than around $400 on a quadcopter, Thanks.
  54. A

    GoPro or wide-angle lens for vacation?

    I'm a owner of the canon eos 650d and have a 50mm, a 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lens. This summer I'm planing on going to Sri Lanka and I saved some money for some more camera gear for the trip. First I was thinking about buying a wide-angle lens to be able to capture all the beautiful landscape as...
  55. mrminivee

    What happens to a recording if im using 30mbps microsd card when recording at 45mbps

    Hello, I have got a 64gb sandisk microSD. It states a maximum of 30mbps, but my GoPro hero 4 Silver records at 45mbp/s 1080p60 with Protune (if i remember correctly). I have recorded many different videos and have not noticed any problems but am soon going on a ski trip. What are the...
  56. R

    Should I Upgrade This GoPro

    I just recently got a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver camera. I have looked at the upsides of the new 4 Black edition. I am just wondering if I should trade it in and get the new one or if i should keep this one. I will mainly be shooting 1080p footage, slow-motion, burst, and just straight video. Thanks...
  57. N

    what is a good windows laptop that will work with a gopro

    I just received a gopro as a gift but it will not work on my old Windows XP computer, so I'd like to buy a new general purpose laptop. I have two Windows-only programs that I use a lot so I don't want to go with a Mac. Other than being able to operate the gopro, I don't need and don't want...
  58. G

    How To Livestream from a GoPro Using Your iPhone

    GoPro has been around for quite some time making video recording and streaming it on your Mac or PC easier. With the introduction of the Livestream app, you can now stream your videos live using your iPhone even if it is tucked safely in your pocket. The set-up is fairly easy but you need to be...
  59. R

    Did a simple cutting of GoPro avi file in GoPro Studio, why has it gone from a 2GB original file to over 13GB after being cut?

    I'm using the GoPro Studio software, in addition to Adobe Premiere Elements which I intend on using in this case post-trimming/cutting of my video to keep it as a 2.7k file for now. When I say "cut" I mean I removed the first couple of minutes of the video and removed the last couple minutes of...
  60. G

    New Polaroid Cube Action Cam Attaches By Magnet

    Polaroid has released its own action camera, called the Cube, a colorful, low-cost competitor to GoPro and company. New Polaroid Cube Action Cam Attaches By Magnet : Read more