HELP...How does GOPRO 4k filming quality compair to more expensive cameras?


Oct 17, 2013
Ok folks I am looking to get a camera for some actual real video editing and being new to the camera game I have a question.

I want to film in 4k for the obvious advantages of down scaling and having the best picture possible but I dont have a bizillion dollars to blow on a big time camera and GOPRO is obviously the cheapest 4k 30fps cam out there, but what is the catch?

Will the quality from a gopro 4 black at 4k 30 fps be the same as a $6K black magic cinema camera or bigger? If not why?

thank you for helping a camera newb


What will you be recording? What is the maximum you are willing to spend? There are other options, though probably not as inexpensive as the GoPro, that you can choose from to shoot 4K video. I haven't used either so I could only speculate on the image quality which I won't do. The Blackmagic camera(s) and other cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 will give you more control over the shots and interchangeable lenses.
There are some Blackmagic Design cameras available for under $1000 such as the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (about $1300 with a lens when it comes out) and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (around $1400 with a lens). [/strike]

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Mitchell Robinson

Sep 18, 2013
I wouldn't recommend a GoPro to anyone who wants to do any meaningful cinematic filming. They are pretty limited in how you use them.

I just want to reinforce what kenrivers said. There are other affordable cameras you can pick up that would do a much better job.
Take a look at some of Panasonic's offerings. Sony also make some 4k Camcorders for under $2000AUD. Ofcourse, thats going to be cheaper pretty much anywhere else in the world :p

I hope this helps!