Should I Upgrade This GoPro


Oct 12, 2013
I just recently got a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver camera. I have looked at the upsides of the new 4 Black edition. I am just wondering if I should trade it in and get the new one or if i should keep this one. I will mainly be shooting 1080p footage, slow-motion, burst, and just straight video. Thanks, let me know!


The Black 4 has the advantages of 4K video, and can do 1080p at 120 KHz. It all depends on what you want to shoot. For 1080p video, at a normal speed, I would stick with the 3+ Silver version. For higher frame rates, then it is the Black 4.

As these cameras tend to get used, and abused in capturing their shots, I would recommend the 3+ Silver for most users.

Mitchell Robinson

Sep 18, 2013

If you can shell out for the 4 Black and still keep your silver you should definitely consider it. Having a second camera, especially for sports, is going to make a world of difference when it comes to production value.

May I ask, do you do any video editing to your stuff or is it just straight off the SD card and onto the comp with no added effort? Because if you wanted to, with two cameras you could put together some pretty cool stuff.

Just to give you an example of what I mean. (Please take this with a grain of salt because i know most people aren't payed to do this stuff like me). I was working a job for a Paintball center and used my main camera and 4 gopro 2's. I was able to use the gopros in tandem to capture both close ups of the balls coming out of the barrel of the guns and wide shots of a corner of the feild as i tied them the the wire fence that was the boundry. When i brought the footage into the editing software i was able to tell a better story by cutting between the wide and the closeups. (As i said, grain of salt).

Hope this helped!

- Mitch