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  1. C

    Solved! IPhone is locked with 4 digit pen

    IPhone locked with 4 digit lock got phone out of old junk car
  2. 2

    Sony STR-D715, can I hookup a Klipsch passive subwoofer (HT-SK5 S-PM Silver).

    Reciever has no subwoofer output. Reciever has A and B speakers. Subwoofer is passive and has 1 positive and 1 negative.
  3. S

    Solved! Doubt in purchasing laptop

    Hi, which is the better processor for daily purpose laptop 8th gen i3 8130u or 8th gen Pentium silver n5000 I'm in confusion whether to buy Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15IGM or Dell Vostro 3478
  4. B

    Another dumb bitcoin question

    Is the Bitcoin based on anything of value? What I mean is, today's conventional currency is based on gold, silver, platinum, even copper. Some rare earth mineral/ore. What is the Bitcoin's foundation?
  5. J

    My brand new Android tablet pc won't charge

    Brand new little Android tablet pc it's black n silver it won't charge or turn on
  6. T

    possible laptop upgrade help

    ok so i currently have this laptop from walmart : http:// HP Silver 17.3" Pavilion 17-g121wm Laptop AMD quad-core A10-9700P processor 1.8GHz (with Max Turbo Speed of 3.2GHz), 2MB L2 Cache 8GB DDR3L SDRAM system memory AMD Radeon R6 graphics with 4352MB total graphics memory and here is the new...
  7. murph456

    Hp Pavillion 14 removing bottom can't remove two silver screws once remove DVD drive what size Phillips won't work eyeglass re

    M1X98UA Model Description: HP PAVILION NOTEBOOK 14-AB154CA Removed all but two flat silver screws from bottom . Those two screws are in the bay where the DVD drive slip in . What size screw nothing I have fits those screws. I need to remove the bottom so I can replace the hard drive
  8. S

    16 gauge speaker wire

    When I sripped the "coating" off the 16 gauge speaker wire, one side has silver wire in it and the other side has gold wire. Which is positive, the silver or the gold?
  9. B

    Silver Sneakers Fitness

    Fitness, health ways
  10. Y

    headphone jack problem

    when i rotate the headphone jack (not port) it makes static noise it was a headphone jack with silver tips instead gold
  11. J

    My gopro Hero3+ silver

    when I try to import files the camera just disconnects then reconnects itself. I tried all my ports and it does this while I'm doing anything while its plugged in and my photos show up, also will not let me import because it says there was a problem but I think that's because of the on and off...
  12. G

    arctic silver 5 vs MX-2

    I want to buy asus g73jh,and I want to reaplied thermal paste on gpu and cpu.Which thermal paste is better: Arctic silver 5 or MX-2?For me is important any degree.Thanks,
  13. R

    Details for Acer VN7-791g

    Hello, I recently dropped my laptop, hopefully it is working, but I have broken some details. I want to ask if it is possible to find where to buy those plastic silver caps (you can see them in the photo), or I need to buy the brand new lid? Thank you for your help.
  14. E

    What does Dell XPS 15 (9550) silver model means?

    I want to buy the Dell XPS 15 (9550) laptop so I was looking at BESTBUY for that laptop and for some reason in the product title it says "Silver" at the end. I know that every dell xps laptop outer design is silver but does it means that the area of the keyboard will be silver too? here is...
  15. A

    Laptop Screen is silver and it does not work

    So my laptop screen went silver with some grey and black lines. I connected the laptop through HDMI cable to my tv and everything works fine but the screen is still the same. Then i unnistalled the graphics drivers of my Intel HD graphics 4000 and Nvidia GeForce 750 M and my laptop screen turned...
  16. I

    Body parts for Sony Vaio SVE14

    I have a VAIO SVE14 in silver colour. It got dropped on the floor once and from then, the plastic started to crack ans break. Now, its panels on both sides of the lcd are cracked and the body hasbroken plastic. . Is there a way i can get its body parts ? I don't want to waste this laptop cuz...
  17. Human Being

    Custom Laptop cooling pad

    What if we take a hollow think Silver-Aluminium sheet,and fill it with lots of ice inside the hollow space and then place our laptop on it?This might be stupid idea but what about temps to be decreased from 80'C.If we do this what's risky?
  18. K

    Don't Know Which GoPro to Buy

    My brother and I want a GoPro to record the crazy things we do. Our budget is $550 not including tax. Should I buy a GoPro Hero4 Silver ($400) and only have $150 to buy accessories? Or, we could get a Hero 3+ Silver for (about $300) and have $250 to buy extra batteries, mounts, a wall charger...
  19. R

    Which one to get for Sims 4

    I have been looking at a few laptops and all. I was wondering out of these few, which should I get. I will only be playing the sims 4. So no other gaming then that. HP - Pavilion 15.6" Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 6GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Natural Silver/Ash Silver Toshiba - Satellite 14"...
  20. D

    Broken headset what to do

    I bought a silver wired headset 2-4 months ago worked fined until a month later I went and got it replaced and same thing happened.
  21. M

    how do i track my laptop H.p pro book 4530s

    silver and black under it wwas stolen tree months a go cops they told me they cant do anthing about it
  22. Z

    Surround sound silver cable is not working. Can I replace it with a copper one?

    Hi, My surround sound speaker stopped working spontaneously. After swapping the cables on each one I found that it was the cable that was the issue as the speakers worked fine. But the cable is a silver one and all I can find are copper cables. If I were to hook it up with a copper cable would...
  23. S

    Arctic Silver 5, is this normal??

    I recently took the terrible stock thermal paste off of my lenovo y50 and replaced it with some Arctic Silver 5. Before my max stressed temps were around 76?C. Now they spike to 95? right after starting the stress test, and then the laptop thermal throttles to 90. Is this normal for a fresh...
  24. S

    Shocks from my HP laptop

    Last year I bought a HP envy laptop . The silver coating on the edge is beginning to peel off and now I get some electric shocks when I place my wrist directly on the area without the silver coating. I would like to know if there's a way I can coat the edges of my laptop or is there like some...
  25. M

    Setting up a ps4 Silver wired stereo headset.

    I bought a Silver wired stereo headset,it is made to work on ps4,ps3,and ps vita but when I plug the wires and all that in I can here though the headset (it is a really tight fit on my head though It must be made for really small heads even on its largest setting it feels like a vice). But when...
  26. M

    how can i find my stolen iphone through my imei no.

    my cellphone is iphone s4 with black and silver color
  27. R

    Should I Upgrade This GoPro

    I just recently got a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver camera. I have looked at the upsides of the new 4 Black edition. I am just wondering if I should trade it in and get the new one or if i should keep this one. I will mainly be shooting 1080p footage, slow-motion, burst, and just straight video. Thanks...
  28. C

    put my sd card into my moto g

    I was watching a tutorial on how to put my SD card and sim card in and I did everything I was supposed to do, but the slots had these silver things inside of them. I tried to put them in anyway but neither of the cards would fit! They had the right width but the silver things were in the way and...
  29. F

    Removing the word DEMO from my android screen

    I am a silver surfer and know absolutely nothing about my tablet. Suddenly the word DEMO, in red letters, appeared on my tablet. I have tried various ways of deleting this but to no avail. I have asked on the internet and there seems to be a lot of users with the same problem. Any help, advice...
  30. naroslife

    [Q] [Decision] Lenovo M5400 vs. Z50

    Hello there! I'm looking at the following laptops and can't decide which one to buy: Lenovo M5400 Silver 59-409075 FD ■ CPU: Intel Core i5 4200M (2.5 GHz) ■ Graphics Card: 2048 MB Nvidia Geforce GT 740M ■ Price: $810 USD / £499 GBP Lenovo Z50-70 i7 Silver 59-424606 FD ■ CPU: Core i7 4510U...
  31. J

    Sony DSCWX200 Digital Compact Camera with Wi-Fi - Silver (18MP, 10x Zoom)

    i have just bought the Sony DSCWX200 Digital Compact Camera with Wi-Fi - Silver (18MP, 10x Zoom) is there supposed to be a memory card that comes with it because it wont work i have not got one with it, i bought it from amazon uk
  32. N

    Monster cable question

    It's silver color on the top and copper on the inside. Wondering if it's actually silver or aluminum. It's this:
  33. Belkon

    Rear, Side, Center/Subwoofer Audio Connections To Front Audio Connection

    Hello! I need to convert the rear audio wire (black colored), the side audio wire (grey/silver colored), and the center/subwoofer audio wire (orange colored) into the front/main audio wire (lime green colored). I need this done, because I have a 7.1 gaming headset, but 2.0 speakers. My...
  34. S

    Razer Kraken Forged Edition or Razer Kraken 7.1

    Honestly, I have no idea what to get out of these two, price is not an issue, and before you ask, the reason I would prefer to get Razer Headphones as it goes with the rest of my Peripherals and I've owned Razer headphones in the past and they've been epic, and I like the colour, now as I was...
  35. S

    Monitor Audio Silver 10

    I am going to go audition a pair of these on thursday. Has anybody heard these speakers or have a familiarity with them ?
  36. H

    Silver (metallic) tape DV6000 wireless, Purpose?

    I recently reflowed the graphic chip on my HP DV6000. While assembling it back together I noticed that right below the keyboard the two cables for the wireless system are soldered together and wrapped by a silver metal tape. This tape is now worn out and doesn't stick anymore. Originally it was...
  37. Q

    Need help deciding between these two laptops

    Acer Aspire V3-571-684 or Acer Ultrabook Silver Aspire M M5-581T-6024
  38. M

    looking to buy lens for sharp close photos of silver jewelry

    Looking to buy a lens for sharp close up photos of silver jewelry. What lens (inexpensive) is a good choice for this type of photography.
  39. R

    "NEW"Alienware ALW17-6869sLV 17-Inch Laptop (Silver)

    I'm looking to seal a brand new Alienware stiil in box from DELL never opened. I paid a bit over $2,000,00 but selling it for $1,500,00 If interested E-mail me at
  40. G

    Create an aux cable, match wires?`

    I have an fm transmitter which has a 4 wires of the colour red blue white and green. Also I want to join this to an aux cable which has red white and an unprotected silver cable. Which wire do I join to which one.
  41. T

    Stilll overheating after applying thermal compound (artic silver 5) and dust cleaning

    so recently i saw videos how to clean the dust out of laptops and how to apply the thermal compound on etc... after doing so, im still getting around 60c idling and roughly 90+ when watching videos
  42. E

    Thermal Compound to resolve Adonit Jot pro's skipping problem: Arctic MX2 or Silver AS5

    Which one is better arctic mx2 vs. arctic silver 5 for adonis jot pro
  43. S

    Bsr eq 14 14xr

    On the main circuit board, there is a singular component shaped similar to a capacitor, but with a silver-colored metal shell... 2 prongs soldered to the board. This is the only component that looks like this, and it has "HOORAY 6.000" printed on the side. It has dried rusty looking corrosion...
  44. G

    Help - Broadband Width

    "SILVER SURFER" Using iPad 1-- Message "you have insuficient Broadband Width to run this item" --- what does that mean ? -- how can I cure it ?
  45. G

    Lighten Up: Fresh, Colorful Gadgets For Spring

    Out with silver and black gear, in with bright, light, and white. Freshen up your tech-décor with these Springtime selections we found at Newegg. Lighten Up: Fresh, Colorful Gadgets For Spring : Read more
  46. Marcus Yam

    Agloves: The Silver-laced Gloves That Love Touchscreens

    Don't let cold weather keep you from updating your status. We check out silver-laced gloves that help out with cold fingers and touch screens. Agloves: The Silver-laced Gloves That Love Touchscreens : Read more
  47. X

    Silver laptop under 500 dollars

    please find me one i'm 66
  48. JMcEntegart

    'Silver Satin' PS3 Hitting Japanese Shelves in March

    Yes, it’s another hue that we probably won’t be seeing stateside, but our Japanese friends will soon be able to purchase a ‘Satin Silver’ PlayStation 3 Slim. 'Silver Satin' PS3 Hitting Japanese Shelves in March : Read more
  49. G

    Stylish Silver Arrow Watch Lacks Substance

    A great design that somehow doesn't control your car, and worse, is a boon for thieves. Stylish Silver Arrow Watch Lacks Substance : Read more
  50. G

    My Cd Drive Popped Out And A Silver Rod Came Out Of It NOw My Brother Tried To P

    WHat Should I Do To Get The Silver Rod Out To Put It In Properly To Fix The CD Drive?
  51. DeathAbyss

    Something exploded in my Archos 5.

    For the last few months, I haven't touched my Archos 5 at all. I'm talking about the dark brown/silver version. So today, when my mom asked me if I had a spare music player that I can give her, I decided to give her the Archos 5. However, when I picked it up, I felt a bulge, and apparently...
  52. JMcEntegart

    Prison Break: Screenshots From the Video Game

    Because four seasons was not enough, a Prison Break game is in the works courtesy of UK publisher Deep Silver. Prison Break: Screenshots From the Video Game : Read more
  53. G

    HDTV Unveiled: Q&A With A Video Wizard

    HDTV calibration and viewing technique dissected by expert Joel Silver. Is 1080p worth it? Is Kuro still king? What makes a great display? HDTV Unveiled: Q&A With A Video Wizard : Read more
  54. A

    Artic Silver 5 on the laptop heatsink made a H U G E difference

    Cleaned out my friend's laptop (it was FILLED with dust - the fan would blast on high and NO air would come out of the vent). Just to let you all know, he had the same model laptop I did. I traded him my laptop and just switched teh hard drives as I knew I wouldn't have time to return it to him...
  55. G

    Water Glasses Bright Vision for Cheap

    Bringing sight to the third world and areas where Optometrists are rare has been a dream of Josh Silver since 1985. The retired professor of physics at Oxford University believes that with his invention, he and his team will be able to provide sight... Water Glasses Bright Vision for Cheap ...
  56. G

    Pink Joins The iPod Nano Lineup

    Apple has begun offering a pink version of its iPod Nano, in addition to the already available silver, black, blue, green and red versions. Pricing remains the same: The 8 GB iPod goes for $200, the 4 GB model for $150. Pink Joins The iPod Nano Lineup : Read more
  57. G

    all about Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    hi guys! i have been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance (MUA) PC Version and i have finished it in the Normal Mode (beaten Galactus too) my question is: how do i get to unlock the Silver Surfer Character? comments are always appreciated. Thanks!
  58. G

    Silver and salt made digital

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) My old salt- and silverprints digitalized on Please enjoy.