Help picking headphones for gaming


Dec 28, 2015
I'm in the market for a set of head phones to be mainly used for gaming. They do not have to be "gaming branded", but I do want them to be surround sound, and I'm not sure how many studio headphones do this, if any. :)


  • ■ Over/around ear (not on ear)
Strong preference (sorted):

  • ■ Surround sound (7.1, but 5.1 may be O.K. - and pref. non-virtual)
    ■ Less than ~200£/$300/270€
    ■ Highly comfortable / light
Bonus points (sorted):

  • ■ Wireless (×1½ for Bluetooth)
    ■ Noise cancellation*
    ■ Official Linux support
    ■ Less than ~150£/$220/200€
Note that strong preferences are not mandatory. If reviews for a given headset are raving and the headset is missing one of the preferences, I may be swayed yet. (E.g., I've been seriously looking at Sennheiser's G4ME One/Zero's.)

I'm currently running off of the mobo's sound system (GA-Z97X-SLI), but if within the price ranges listed above, I may also be convinced to get a dedicated sound card, but to begin with, I'd prefer to just run off of what I have.

*) Sound leakage is not really an issue, but I would like to not be disturbed by people walking around in the apartment above me, etc.
you will only find 7.1 non-virtual in very few headsets.. mainly the tiamat and strix. 5.1 non-virtual is a bit more common.

however, you do give up sound quality for this. many will say the bigger better quality drivers in 2.0 stereo sets is better. yes, virtual distorts sound so reduces quality somewhat as well. ultimately its a choice you need to make.

the best quality of sound can be heard from hifi headphones though. something like the dt990, dt880 or dt770 are only 110gbp, then you would want an amplifier or soundcard. for a mic you can use a modmic.

your choice on what path you want to go though.

a note about the game zero, its bass light and more suited to "advantage" by hearing footsteps easier. the zero is more neutral and has a bit more low end so is going to sound better in terms of being enjoyable (its based on the hd598). a good choice if you want something laid back sounding (the beyers i listed earlier are more detailed and aggressive sounding and bassier but that can be good if you like that)


Jun 21, 2013
Check out Logitech 933 - 199€, compatible with all systems, great sound and confortable.They seem to check all your boxes,

If money is not an issue Astro Gaming A50 o Steelseries H Wireless Gaming seem to be popular options as well.

If gaming on a tight budget, Creative 3D Rage will do the job, but they are far from great and a bit flimsy.

Take in count that there are two options regarding headphones:

-Audio quality, prefered by Audiophiles: Standard Headphones (no Mic, No USB) + USB DAC/Sound Card.
-7.1/5.1 Surround + Mic, prefered by Gamers: Gaming USB Headphones.

I haven't found an option to have both, but the Logitech 933 is having glowing reviews on "sound quality".

Good luck!

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