Help !! Please rescue me from annoying background dialling sound on Laptop

Nov 1, 2021
Hi all..

I am new here and wondering if anyone can help me with the most annoying problem..

I use a Toshiba Qosmio laptop running windows 10.. and for a long time now.. I have this annoying dialling sound coming though the speakers on a 2nd monitor I have connected via a VGA cable.. The monito is a Compaq WF 1907 The sound never seems to come from my laptop if not connected to the monitor..

The sound is like there is a program trying to connect via a dialup modem.. Remember that sound you used to get when it would dial.. but then if the number was a wrong number.. you would just get that beep beep beep sound..

Apart from the fact it is somewhat annoying.. my real concern is that it is a virus.. that is trying to connect my computer to some person or organisation with some nefarious intent.. That and the trepidation I feel every time it dials thinking.. What the hay ho.. what if one time it actually connected to somewhere.. and someone actually answered.. I think I would leap out of my friggin chair..

I have tried monitoring activity through Windows task manager to see if any strange apps show up.. but I never see anything.. but then I am also not that sure about many of the system processes anyway..

So if anyone could cast some light on this it would be most awesome..