Help removing bloat ware from computer?


Jan 29, 2012
Hey I just realized how much bloatware was on my computer, but just to be sure i made a list of the installed prgms. Could you tell me what I can uninstall without affecting my computer??

Activation Assistant for 2007 Microsoft Office Suites
Adobe AIR
Apple Application Support
Apple Mobile Device Support
Apple Software Update
Bonjour – Apple Inc
DVD Menu Pack for HP Media Smart Video
ESN Sonar
Hardware Diagnostic Tools – PC-Doctor inc.
HP Customer Participation Program 13.0
HP Imaging Device Functions 13
Hp Media Smart Menu
Hp Odometer
HP Photosmart C6300 All-In-One Driver
Hp Photo smart essential 3.5
Hp Remove Solution
HP Setup
Hp Smart Web Printing 4.51
Hp Solution Center
Hp Support Information
Hp Update
Lightscribe System Software
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
Microsoft Live Search Toolbar
Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in
Microsoft Works
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistribution 3.1
Movie Theme Pack for HP Media Smart Video
MSXML 4.0 SP2 (KB953340) –Microsoft
MSXML 4.0 Sp2 (KB973688) – Microsfot
OCR Software by I.R.I.S 13.0
Pando Media Booster
Play Ready PC Runtime AMD 64
Punk Buster Services
System Requirements Lab – Husdawg LLC
System Requirements Lab CYRI – Husdawg LLC

Heres List of Ones I didn't want to type out:

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