HELP : Repairing my HP Probook 4510s


Sep 25, 2012
Hello, some motnhs ago i threw some coce on my laptop, it didnt start after at all. So i let it dry for a bit and cleaned some coke off it, and after a month i got it running for half an hour and it shut off again and didnt start...

So i started looking for a new motherboard, i found excact match from china, cost me 170$, it was cheapest price on network and excact number on motherboard. So i let it change for me for 50$, i was pleased, everything worked except one RAM slot, it was ok, as i didnt really need all that memory..

It worked fine for some days, then the laptop started to shut itself off while surfing the net... at first it was random, after 2 or 3 hrs, then it started to shut itself off every minute until it only started for 2-3 seconds... i was looking for the solution and found out that both RAM slots arent working anymore.. so this new/used motherboard was trash for me. (lost 210$)

As not to waste any more money i took the lead by myself, i cleaned the old motherboard in alcohol, made it nice smooth, as new, as i thought if it started once after the accident it hopefully will start working after that cleaning.


I've tested my old motherboard in every single way, i started off with only motherboard and a cooler and a power supply... it starts for 5-6 seconds and then turns itself off.
it has only cooler and power supply connected:

I got this laptop totally ripped apart:

My old mb on the right and new, wich was useless on the right.

So for this long story - short question, AM i testing these motherboard correctly? Wich are the MUST to connect to the motherboard... i just want to make 100%sure that the motherboards arent working before i start selling my laptop part by part.

Thank you =)


May 8, 2012
Unfortunately, spilling a liquid on your laptop can cause major damage and most people do not know the appropriate steps to prevent the damage. You have a worst case scenario, a liquid with sugar in it that will basically gum up on the board causing shorts. If you did not immediately turn it off and completely cleaned it before connecting it to the power you likely fried some component, and it may not have necessarily been the MOBO, it could be something that connects to the MOBO. At that point, putting in new components while the bad one is still in there is only going to cause problems for those new components. Your 210$ spent on components would have been better spent on a new laptop :/.