Help Selecting my First Tablet: Ipad air/2 or Samsung 10.1 2014 edition or Tab Pro 8,4


Apr 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I'm about to buy my first tablet and have been trying to read up and learn as much as I can about the different offerings. I intend to use this tablet for at least the next 2 years before an upgrade.

I have been considering waiting for the ipad air 2 and could go for the top of the range model when it's out, that is one that has at least 128gb storage and LTE connectivity. But just because I can, I wouldn't go for it, if the 64gb would serve my purpose.

I have had some experience with Android having used a Samsung SIII in the past and I do like the fact that it is highly customizable. The only thing that makes me think twice is the quality of apps available for android being a mixed bag. that and the inevitable slowing down and lag.

If I decide to take the plunge with Android, I'm torn between two devices. The 10.1 2014 edition and the 8.4 tab pro.

I would be mostly using this device to:
- watch movies
- listen to music
- browse the web
- write and open documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations
- read ebooks.

I'm really not sure which way I should go here. I'm worried that if I buy an ipad I would have to face a lot of hassle transferring movie files, music and comics from my windows pc to my ipad (a few friends have described using an ipad in this regard as a nightmare) but i'm also drawn to prospects of the reputed stability of iOs and the high quality of ipad apps.

With Android, I'm attracted to the expandable storage and convenience of moving files and media on the go, but worried that they can become fast outdated with little support and buggy updates. :(

Can someone tell me if the tab pro 8.4 is a good or better than the 10.1?

Is the movie and audio experience in the ipad better than or equal to Samsung tabs?

Is it possible to transfer files onto an ipad as conveniently as on Android devices?

Sorry for so many questions! And sorry if my question is rambling!

Thank you so much in advance!