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Nov 4, 2015
Hi all,
I am having trouble getting good audio out of my Computer and would like help in understanding what the problem is and how to solve it.

My setup is :
-a computer with a video card 970 GTX with HDMI out.
-a Sony Xbr65x850c TV
-a All-in-One home theater box with one HDMI\ARC and one digital out.

What i did:
-I connected a HDMI cable from my 970GTX to my TV.
-I connected a HDMI cable from my TV HDMI\ARC to my All-in-One HDMI\ARC
-In windows, in the Playback devices my TV is detected and the default audio device.
-In the properties it detect 6 audio channel

I still only output 2.1 audio.
I am thinking the problem is between my TV and All-In-One.

I cannot afford right now to throw the all-in-one in the trash and buy a reciever AND a full set of speakers so is there any options to make this setup work correctly ?
If i get a reciever, is it possible to pass the audio through it to my all-in-one ?

thank you for your help



What are you trying to play? If you are playing youtube that's not in surround, then it's not going to come out in 5.1 If it's movies, then you need something to decode the surround signal.

When you set it to 5.1, and do the test in Windows, does it do all 6 speakers?


Jun 6, 2006
Your TV is outputting the wrong type of audio. It's likely sending PCM.
You can run an HDMI cable from your PC to your reciever and then choose RAW for the audio output format.
ALSO, computers will only provide HDMI based surround sound for certain things like movies.
Games don't want to play in surround because most are not coded for Dolby Digital or DTS surround. Instead they use analog headphone style jacks. So when you use a digital audio connection it doesn't give you surround sound. The best you get is a simulated surround sound using something like Dolby Pro logic or a different type of DSP virtual surround.

Bottom line:
Try connecting directly to the receiver
Try both RAW and PCM audio formats
Try while playing a DVD



There is no receiver, it doesn't have a HDMI input, only ARC, which sends audio back from the TV along an HDMI output.
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