Question Help! Sharp tv model LC-55P8000U

Apr 7, 2019
Help! I have had this Sharp tv model LC-55P8000U for LESS THAN 8 months and it already stopped working. When I try to turn it on with the remote the red power light stays on but nothing happens. If I press power again, it blinks 5 times and then turns off. I keep reading about trying the reset where you hold down the volume and input buttons, but my tv DOESN’T HAVE BUTTONS!! It only has one joystick thing that has engraved arrows for up, down, left, right, and the center button says ‘ok’. Can anyone help?

Side note: Long story short is that my ex is the one who bought the TV and we do not speak to each other anymore, so I cannot get the information that I need in order to send it in for the repair that I would normally get under warranty. :mad:
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Well my first thought was "warranty repair" but since you don't have that option not much you can do there. Contact Sharp support and see if they can get you a reset procedure for the set, or you are stuck with trying to replace the system or power boards on it yourself or paying for a repair with some local tech.
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