Help - Sony STR-DE925 sub output malfunctioning


Aug 19, 2006
I've been using the reciever's line level sub output for my sub for about 8 years now. Just recently, the sub started to have a constant vibration/hum. What's strange is that it seems to be independent of the source signal going into the reciever, meaning, it will still hum even while I'm switching sources. What's even more strange is that if I tap on the top of the reciever with my finger, the sub's cone will thump along with it. It's almost as if the line level is putting out the reciever's natural frequency or somthing. The hum/vibration can get pretty loud/violent at times.
Does anyone think they know what could be the problem?


Nov 29, 2008
My STR-DE925 receiver is about 10 years old now and has the exact same symptoms.

Did you ever figure out what the issue was?



May 29, 2011
I had an intermittent hum that would stop when I wiggled the RCA connector on the back. I found a bad solder joint inside on the PCB that has the output jacks. It went away for a while but now it's back. Just tapping the case makes it go away. I need to go looking inside for another bad connection. The microphonics (mechanical reproduction) are very likely caused by the same problem. If you are not a technician yourself, it will probably cost a bit to have one open the unit and look around. The quality control on the subwoofer output board must not have been very good.
If you do take it to somebody, use a shop that sells audio equipment or at least does the warranty work on audio gear. I bought an earlier model really cheap on Ebay and found that the mica insulators under the output transistors had been removed. The overload circuitry kept that from burning out the transistors. I replaced the one bad transistor and all the insulators and ended up reselling the unit at a profit. I was going to use it with unpowered subwoofers but changed my mind.
60 cycle hum is almost always a grounding problem. Plug an RCA cord into an input and touch your finger to the center conductor on the other end and you will get a 60 cycle hum. (it will be in the regular speakers too) (no, I'm not trying to get you shocked)
On go to "Support", "Product Support", "replacement Parts", go to the bottom and click on "click here" for the parts research form, under "Detailed Question" click on "click her for details" and if you live near one of the distributors listed, I would go to them. If not, I would call the nearest one and ask if they know someone in your area.
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