Help/suggestions for my audio setup

Konsta Kauppinen

Feb 24, 2015
Hello, so I have a dual PC setup and I'm looking for a solution for my audio. So I have a desktop PC and a laptop. Right now I mostly use my laptop as the main computer and my desktop for media and other stuff like that while gaming and doing other stuff on the laptop. My desktop is connected to my 2nd monitor and a TV and my laptop to primary monitor.

So the main problem here is that until now when I have been using only a single PC I was doing fine with my setup consisting of a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with an at2020 and m50xs connected to it.

But now I would need to have at least the audio from both of my PCs to my headphones, and if it would be possible in any way to use even the same mic for both the PCs that would the perfect, even though I could survive with just having the audio from both computers and then just using the mic on only 1 PC. There is also the chance of me buying some studio monitors later on so support for that would be a nice touch too.

I'm open to any suggestions, but buying something really expensive is probably not going to happen. Now I'm mostly thinking of buying some kind of studio mixer and then just using that to have the audio from both computers to my headphones and maybe separately use the 2i2 for the mic, but that wouldn't be the ideal solution.

Thank you for all the help and I'll try to answer your questions about this situation if this was hard to read or something. :)
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