help with making projector louder


Sep 3, 2015
i do the church sound and projector. first i have a 100ft hdmi cord. i run the projector from the back. it goes laptop, hdmi, to the if i play sound through the laptop, it comes out in the projector with not enough sound. i have both volume levels turned up. i have to put the mic right beside the epson projectors speaker so the sound plays through our sound system,i need to figure out how i can get the sound to sound system without using the mic. i need to figure this out, please help


Aug 26, 2015
Connect the sound system to the laptop through the microphone jack. Right click on the Sound icon in the taskbar and select "Playback devices." Right click on Headphones or Line Out and select "Set as default device." Close your audio player and open it again. If this does not work, right click on each entry that has "HDMI" in it, or has a TV icon, and click disable.


Sep 3, 2015

I will look this sunday when we go. its an hour away, plus no internet service. but our mics plug into a box on stage. then the "snake" cable comes back to me and thats how i plug in the mics, guitars, piano. if i have hdmi going out to the projector, what cable do you mean im new to most of this
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