Help with my Asus laptop?


May 28, 2016
A few weeks ago my Asus laptop started working really slowly, I mean freezing every couple of seconds. It randomly crashes and gives me kernel data in page error or unexpected store exception. This is a somewhat new computer with pretty good specs so I really don't understand why it's suddenly working so slowly and crashes at times. Please, I need to do important work on there and it's almost impossible to do it now.
I guess I should also mention that sometimes when I turn it on it goes I to aptio setup utility, but usually a reboot fixes that. I also used to have the option to boot into Windows or my secondary linux OS but now it just goes straight into Windows. This happened a while before but seemed to fix itself, it didn't occur for another 6 months or so and now the issue is back and persistent. Any help greatly appreciated and if possible, restore as a last resort.
Thanks in advance

I'm running Windows 10.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Based from the symptoms you've mentioned i'm leaning towards it being a HDD problem.
- I would suggest doing a clean install of Windows first.
- If the same freezing and crashes will still happen then replacing the HDD would be the solution.
- Do also try to set BIOS to defaults and observe if the same problem will persist.
- But the fact that it's getting stuck or loading in Aptio Setup Utility screen can be an indication that the HDD is failing.