Help with new laptop


Nov 27, 2015
Hello everyone so I want to get a new laptop which is going to be used mainly for browsing internet, watching videos, playing fb games and stuff like that. I got 2 models that suit my budget but I can't decide which one:

the first is Lenovo B50-80
cpu - I3-5005U 2.0GHz
memory - 4gb DDR3L
and ofc it has the integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500

the other one

cpu - i3-4010U 1.7 GHz
memory - 4gb DDR3
video - NVIDIA GT820M 2GB

Now I said that the laptop is going to be used mainly for internet and stuff and for that reason we can rule the second one because as far as I know the video card is not used unless you play a game or a something that needs it but It will be nice to have the option if I needed it. On the other hand the first laptop has a much newer cpu which is probably going to perform better but I don't have any idea how better it is. According to cpuboss its just 0.6% better and I will lose the option to have a video that can run more stuff.


Mar 17, 2015
Go with the asus, the card will give it more life and power, when time goes by and your laptop slows down (which it will) you can permanently set the card to always run on every program you use, doesn't have to be activated just for gaming.