Help with red cpu light on Asus x570-f gaming motherboard


Dec 4, 2014
Hello everyone,

I went to turn my pc on today and I had no image, (pc working fine yesterday) so I tried the good old on/off and still wasn’t working.

I opened up the pc and turned it on to find the red cpu indicator solid red. After doing some research I checked my cpu connections, checked my ram was seated, checked my gpu was properly seated, and tried it again, still the solid red light

I then took my nh-d15 off and put it back in and I got a solid orange dram light. So I fiddled around with the ram changing slots, running on 4 or 2 or even just 1.

But now I’m getting an orange d ram light on boot for 5 seconds and a solid red cpu light after and still no image.

The ram I have is 2x vengeance 16gb 3200 and 2x vengeance 16gb 3600, I had some issue when I first got the ram as they’re also different timings but after changing slots around it worked with the full 32gb and had been working ever since.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Rog x570-f gaming
Ryzen 7 5800x
32 GB vengeance ram
Msi 3070
Rmx1000x psu