Hey, Apple! Make These 5 Products And I'll Buy Them

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Jan 17, 2008
Or not... Apple please stay well away from these perfectly good products, and keep your locked down closed bull-sh@t software away from them?

If apple made a gaming mac, you would only allowed to buy games from their 'apple game-store', and modding would be locked out entirely for all games. - third party apps such as steam would only be accessible if you jailbrake your 'Gaming Mac' negating the point in having one in the first place.

If apple made an echo equivalent (notice I didn't use the word Killer here) it would only connect to and control other apple products, if you have a plethora of 'apple tvs' phones, ipads, then sure... but everything else would be locked out or have such buggy driver and bluetooth support that it wouldn't even be worth trying to pair the system. - what's the point in buying an 'apple echo' if it will only control half of your 'apple brand' devices? hint: there is none.

If apple made an anti-virus, it would only work on the 'Gaming Mac' and other supported apple devices, you'd have to pay a licence for it every year and you'd be forced to run the latest version no matter how much of a resource hog was -AND- if you didn't update your hardware every year it would subtlety remind you by grinding your devices to a very slow and painful halt.

If apple made "a real apple TV" - The'd get laughed at by Samsung & LG for having sub-par pixel and colour density and always be behind the latest technology trends by at least 2 years. - the 'Real Apple TV' would only allow you to stream content via their apple TV store, and don't even think about plugging an Amazon Fire Stick or similar into it!

If Apple made a fitness tracker it might not do too bad... but I digress, it's not like they've been outpaced by 2 years by the competition already, which offer far more innovative and accessible fitness trackers. - Did I mention it would only work with your 'Apple Trainers'? and only on pre-approved apple running routes (which are always badly plotted) and gyms?

I hate all this Apple fanboi trash :/ - Apple stopped being 'good' since the iphone 3GS. and now without Jobs or Wozniac, Apple is just a sinking ship riding the coat tails of other more innovative companies and start-ups. - Apple is nothing more than a cash cow for the ignorant these days. *sigh*

Mark Spoonauer

Jan 21, 2014
Thanks for the comment. Totally get the skepticism but I have to disagree on your gaming Mac stance. Steam already works, but you'd need Macs with more power, which is what I'm proposing.

I agree that Apple needs to open up its ecosystem for an Echo-like product to work. Amazon is doing a great job with partnerships and the company should learn from that.

I don't get your comment on Apple AV. It would work on every Mac. It's true that Apple is late to TV space and it's been rumored forever, but I'm thinking the timing is better now that others are struggling. But for it to work Apple would need to strike deals with TV providers or be able to offer compelling original content beyond Netflix, Amazon, etc.

I'm not a fanboi at all. I'm just proposing some moves Apple could make sooner than later.

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