Homebuilt Laptop Help


May 23, 2013
I've built my own gaming desktop about two years ago in high school, and now that I'm heading off to college I'm thinking about building a custom laptop

However, it seems as if building a custom laptop and a custom desktop are two completely different things. I don't seem to be able to find any resources or websites that sell custom laptop parts?

A long time ago I saw a step by step guide on building a custom laptop, however I'm curious what resources I'll need to actually do it. Where can I find the laptop case/cpu/graphics card/etc? Furthermore how will I know if the parts I have are compatible since the parts in a laptop are a tight fit.


Mar 24, 2013

Rather than trying to find the needed part it would be better if you take a predefined laptop where you only need to add cpu, ram and storage (you can of course exchange the monitor as well as gpu). You will also need to access the parts to keep the fan clean.

I suggest Clevo as ODM. But if you want to stick to the original plan then Rjtech - some parts are expensive however they are a retailer or eBay - here you will need to gamble with the money as you may never know if it's the seller is real or a scum.

AiO-motherboards aka as thin Mini ITX motherboard will come out. This homepage might be something for you.


You cannot build your own laptop. The standards just aren't there like they are for desktops. Better would be to go with a OEM or reseller like Origin or Falcon Northwest.
You would need to get what's known as a 'barebones' unit and then acquire the parts. Barebones laptops only have the bare essentials: chassis, screen + inverter, and video card. No CPU, no memory, no NIC, no storage drive(s), etc. But unless you have a vendor or a source for mobile components, it's not going to be worth it (unlike building a desktop). The parts aren't in as much circulation to the consumer market, they're generally less powerful, and they generally cost more than non-mobile counterparts.

That's more or less where resellers come in. They will purchase barebones systems from the OEM and custom build the rig for you, per your specifications and per their offerings.
Usually barebones systems come with a MB, and the screen/antenna assembly. The MB will have an NIC on it. But you need a CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD. Think they usually come with a WiFi card, but it may be just antenna connections.

Building a laptop is a hell of a lot more complex than a desktop.