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  1. cgplays

    Budget VR Build?

    Hi, I was looking into buying a htc Vive but my current pc is a potato. What would be a good budget pc build that can run beat saber, and also not destroy my bank account. Thanks!
  2. L

    Audio jack issue

    So today I unplugged my earbuds and plugged my head set in to my front audio jack (I already had the microphone for the headset plugged in) and as I did so I showed that I didn't have a microphone plugged in and I couldn't hear anything so I unplugged my headset from the audio jack and plugged...
  3. T

    Computer Build check

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make completely sure that this build would work well for VR before I make the purchase. I would be using the computer for VR and currently have a 1080p monitor but will be buying a 1440p monitor. Here the build: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU...
  4. Z

    Should i build this pc?

    Ok so i am on a low buget and i want a pc, my birthday is coming up and i already have some money so in august i will have enough to make this an i have a question... Should i make this computor... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npx2ugLFDIo It has a ASUS H81M-A: http://goo.gl/iRxonp motherboard...
  5. J

    Do I really need to spend much on a gaming perpheral?

    Hi. I got my new gaming pc, and now I just need to get a new gaming perpheral. I have already chosen the monitor, and now I need mouse, headset, keyboard and speakers. I wanna go for expensive perpherals such as corsair. I have the money for it, but I also wanna save some money for buying games...
  6. R

    Need help deciding

    Which of these two would be better for overall gaming? I have narrowed my choices to these two products and I can not figure out which is better. ABS Computer Technologies Desktop Computer ALA038 AMD FX-Series FX-4350 (4.20 GHz) 4 GB DDR3 1 TB HDD Windows 8.1 64-Bit NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB...
  7. Compuser10165

    Choosing an Audio System for PC

    Hello, everyone! I have recently built a new Skylake gaming pc but have not acquired any peripherals just yet (using my old ones). My monitor, mouse and keyboard are fine for now, but the speakers are not good enough for a more refined audio experience. I am looking of getting a new speaker...
  8. S

    Logitech Z506 sound in front right speaker only

    I have a logitech Z506 pc speaker system, but after connecting it I only get audio from the front right speaker - the other four play only static. It's a 5.1 channel system plugged in to the onboard audio ASUS Sabertooth Z97 mkII motherboard. Things I have tried: Updating realtek HD audio...
  9. R

    HP Beats Special Edition Prcoessor Replacement?

    Hi everybody, So I currently own a HP Beats Special Edition Laptop that I got for free from my college. Because it is not a super great laptop, I have been dinking around with it a bit. I replaced the Optical Drive with the old SSD out of my desktop, I've taken it completely apart like 4 times...
  10. E

    (NOT SOLVED) Extreme under performance MSI GX60 Gaming Laptop

    Usually I am quite proficient when it comes to repairing computers and keeping them preforming well and utilizing them for the best output but lately I have just been running into continuing problems with my MSI GX60. My system specs are as follows: Summary Information OS Name Microsoft...
  11. Someone Somewhere

    Please don't post new build threads here

    They belong over on Tom's Hardware, in the Systems section. Thanks, Someone Somewhere, Tom's Moderation Team
  12. Barty1884

    Help on Desktop Build

    Hi everyone, I'm still planning on undertaking my first desktop build (multipurpose, light games, streaming etc). I thought I would challenge myself, setting a budget of $600....which I'm pretty close to (I have an SSD to put in already)....ideally including OS, but I think that might be...
  13. N

    Hardware specs for photo and video editing (with programs like Photoshop, Corel, etc)

    Hello, a friend of mine looks for a new PC. He is a graphic designer, working mainly with PhotoShop & Corel toolsets but wants to be able to make movie editing also if needed. A colleague proposed the following hardware: -CPU: AMD A8 7600 (110eur), - mobo: ASUS A88XM (80 eur), - RAM...
  14. C

    Building my first pc

    Hi guys first things first im new to this so go easy on me. Im thinking about building my first gaming computer. I have done some research myself but have been advised to ask on here to see what you guys think of the rig i am going to compose: Case- Zalman z9-u3 Power- xfx 750 Hard drive-...
  15. W

    receiver connection problem

    I need to know if there is a solution to my problem. during the construction of my house I ran all of my speaker wires through the house all 14/ 2. the problem is that the wires the should go from the volume control to the receiver should had been a 14/ 4. I noticed the problem a few months...
  16. R

    Options for Movies (Home Viewing) Please Help

    Hello, im really new to HTPCs. I am planning to get a 32-40 inch Led TV just for the purpose of watching movies alone. I am not going to watch news or other channels from there but only for my digital movie collections (stored on my current PC). Here is my question... Do i really need to build...
  17. S

    need help building my own laptop - DIY laptop

    So I've built a few desktops, but now I need something more portable. I've heard of people putting together barebones laptop systems and I'd like to build my own, in order to customize it my way. This seems like a much harder and more expensive task than building a desktop so I'd like some help...
  18. T

    can i use the amplifier out of a pioneer cld-s201 cd player

    Info on using the amp out of a pioneer cld-s201 laser disc player it has a 40 watt amplifier built in any info on this will be graitfuly appreciated thanks
  19. W

    Can you combine laptops?

    I have 2 laptops sitting around, and was wondering if it would be possible to combine the 2? i.e. the cpus, ram cards, stuff like that. they are both acers, one is just older and sitting there collecting dust. if it is possible, could someone either give me an idiot proof guide or point me in...
  20. R

    help choosing the right parts for a new computer

    hi im wanting to build a new computer to run 2 separate operating systems simultaneously id like to run both windows 8.1 pro and some form of Linux id like for both operating systems to have their own hybrid drives so the operating systems can both be saved to ssd. id also really like it to be a...
  21. S

    how to connect soundbar to pc tower

    I've bought a sound bar and realised it's an optical input connection, how can I plug this to my pc tower, as my monitor has no connections at all. would I need an optical to jack converter or something? thanks
  22. anoori9000

    What Drivers Should I install for this build?

    I intend on using it for gaming. What are some drivers that I should install? Should I download all drivers off the internet and put them on a flash drive, or use the disks, or download from new computer? How do you put those mini disks in an optical drive? CPU: AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz 8-Core...
  23. R

    Hi-end Audio on HTPC Builds

    I'm just getting into the HTPC world and want to build an HTPC system to rip my music and DVD/Blu-Rays to an NAS (no gaming). My primary goal is high quality video and audio of the ripped product so that I can get rid of my 400-disc CD/DVD changer. As a result, I intend to rip these sources to...
  24. J4ynik

    Own Laptop Batterie

    Hi guys, I wanted to build a Laptop myself. I searched all the necessary components, but now I have the problem, that I don't know how to make the Laptop mobile. means I don't know how to build or where to buy a battery for it. Do you have any ideas? Thanks
  25. R

    How to unlock memory on a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H (UEFI BIOS)

    On the system specs of the UEFI BIOS it says I have ~32gb of memory, but in spite of this I can't access more than 16gb. I've gone under advanced memory settings and it only appears to be legitimately registering two of them (i.e. it only gives me options to do things with two of them). I'm...
  26. 7

    Homebuilt Laptop Help

    I've built my own gaming desktop about two years ago in high school, and now that I'm heading off to college I'm thinking about building a custom laptop However, it seems as if building a custom laptop and a custom desktop are two completely different things. I don't seem to be able to find any...
  27. H

    OC/Core Unlocker Practice

    I'm pretty new to OCing and Core Unlocking and since i've got some money and I thought I should buy all of this, -http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=24068827 I'll start with the Sempron, get used to everything, and i'll end of with the 3570k. With...
  28. B

    Questions building pc

    So i'm going to build my self a desktop, and i have questions about how certain things work. Feel free to correct anything, and if you find anything that is cheaper for around the same quality tell me. Mobo: 870A Fuzion-$80(ebay), i want to be able to use either crossfire or sli, and 4 mem...
  29. S

    Recommended Laptops *UK Only*

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but here goes: I am looking to buy a laptop however since i only really bother with my homebuilt desktops i am not familiar with the Laptop side like what to look out for or what to avoid. So i ask you the community can you recommend any good...
  30. cpatel1987

    Where to buy Laptop Parts

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure what category this would be under, so I chose Systems as a close fit. I'm looking to purchase an inverter board for an inspiron 8600. Reason why I am certain the inverter board is bad on my sister's laptop is because the computer turns on and the backlight also...
  31. Oldirty

    4th Core unlock Athlon II X3 425

    I was wondering if I could unlock this proc, Athlon II X3 425 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103725 With a gigabyte MA770T-UD3P http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3257#na :o
  32. G

    Jetway PA74M5 for unlocking phenom 2 550

    Hi there. will the Jetway PA74M5 unlock the phenom 2 550?
  33. K

    convert laptop into an lcd monitor?

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt (More info?) Hello, Does anybody know how to convert a laptop into an lcd monitor so that I can plug a different computer into it and have that computer's video output display on the laptop lcd? Is that even possible? Thanks! Ken
  34. G

    Data Acquisition and Handhelds

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) I am looking for both commercial and homebuilt data acquisition options for handhelds. I considered I would choose the data acquisition hardware first before chasing which handheld to use. Does anyone have suggestions or links to what is...
  35. G

    Homebuilt tube amp

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi, I'd like to know if, in order to obtain CE-Marking of a homebuilt tube guitar amp, it is necessary, ALSO for Output Transformer and Chokes, to satisy EN-61558. Which are the rules, for Output Transformers ? They must be CE-marked ? Thank...