HP Beats Special Edition Prcoessor Replacement?


Dec 11, 2013
Hi everybody,

So I currently own a HP Beats Special Edition Laptop that I got for free from my college. Because it is not a super great laptop, I have been dinking around with it a bit. I replaced the Optical Drive with the old SSD out of my desktop, I've taken it completely apart like 4 times, and I just tinker with it. I was wondering, because it is an AMD APU processor, could I buy a desktop APU and replace the processor in the laptop? Also, is there a way to add an old desktop graphics card to the inside of the case? I'm just looking for ideas to tinker (and maybe make it a little more bearable performance wise.) Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

To answer your question about using components of a desktop into a laptop, it's not possible because most or all the components of a desktop is designed to fit into a desktop only and the same goes with a laptops parts. You can upgrade the laptop if it's from another laptop which has the same model and would be compatible with it. Alway refer to the product manual for instructions.