Hooking up a passive sub to my computer

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Apr 28, 2013
So I got a sony ss-wg990 for 10 dollars at goodwill and would like to hook it up to my pc. It has one rca jack output, which I assume was for the original receiver when it was with the set. My question is how do I power the sub and connect it to my computer? I know little about subwoofers and how to connect them if theyre passive. Thanks for any help


Jun 1, 2008
You'll need two things.
1. A 3.5mm split. One that splits the left and right channel, NOT one that duplicates both the left and right channels. In PC's the center channel and the sub channel share the same 3.5mm jack. So you will first need to separate them. Something like this, but you may need another type depending on the amp you get.


2. you would need an amplifier capable of driving the sub. This is where it gets hard. They don't really make specific external sub amps for home theater. Most subs are actively powered. Likely the one you get was for an all in one home theater which had the amp in the main unit. Your going to spend a lot more then it would be worth. take the 10 dollar loss and go find a decent 2.1 pc audio system. But otherwise you'll have to mod a plate amp into you sub.


edit: a quick google search shows your sub likely came from a 2.1 mini stereo system. Doesn't really change anything.
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