hooking up speakers to the right and left channel ports and a sub to the sub port


May 16, 2016
Hello, I have a question about hooking up an audio solution. my computer has 6 rear audio ports, one of which is for the right and left channel speakers and a separate sub woofer port. How will it work, if i buy one set of speakers that are r and l channels, and a completely different sub and plug it into the sub port? Thanks.
As long at your speakers are all powered, it will work with a separate sub and satellite speakers. But the better 2.1 sets have pretty good audio with the included sub so you may want to simply things and go that way.
Don't really understand your confusion.

What do you mean by "completely different sub?" Sure, you want your L+R speakers to match and Center should also, ideally match your L+R for a thing called timbre, but subwoofer matching your other speakers is less critical, so feel free to buy your favorite sub all itself.