Horizontal lines, flickering scan lines and Intel control panel error! Help!


Nov 11, 2016
My laptop is literally driving me crazy. My Asus laptop had been working completely fine for at least half a year. But two day ago, when I was playing ACS I suddenly noticed some flickering on my screen, I thought it was just the refresh rate. But the problem went worse. Now even when I open nothing, the refresh rate drops dramatically, and there are some horizontal flashing lines on the left of my screen, and I just notice that my laptop runs slower than usual.
At first, I thought it was the graphic option. I opened the control panel, and guess what I found
The control panel corruped. So I thought that was the driver problem . After hours of reinstalling and a system restore, the problems still go on.
Searching online tells me that it was the ram problem, so I ran memory diagnostic. When I restart into the checking screen, the problem still goes on even in the checking BIOS screen, so it mustn't been the software problem. The diagnostic showed that there were no problem with the ram.
I am literally desperate right now. So, is the monitor the problem, the ram or the intel display card? I would really appreciate if somebody could help me.
Specs : Windows 10 Pro 64x, Core i5-5200U 2,20GHz, 8GB ram, hd graphic 5500, gtx 950m


Oct 28, 2016

Sadly, given this is a laptop, the issue is most probably either your screen or your GPU. Have you tried plugging it in an external monitor or TV using HDMI? If it does the issue on another monitor, then your GPU is toast. If it doesn't, then you will need to replace your monitor's LCD screen or LVDS cable.


Question from PennLyon : "Horizontal lines, flickering scan lines and Intel control panel error! Help!"

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