Horrible fps in games i should be running perfectly

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Jul 4, 2018
Okay this is just a repost of a post i made on another forum.Here goes:
Okay,this is basically like a last resort cause ive already tried a ton of stuff already and it didnt work.The problem is as stated in the title,whenever i play a game it goes normally then suddenly i get a major fps drop that doesnt go away.
First game i noticed it on was league of legends when i was on like 150 frames per second (90-100 fps when something big is going on)it would just be going smoothly and then all of a sudden it just drops to like 10-20 fps or even worse at times.First i thought it was just a league problem but then when i tried on other games it did the same.Retried playing tera which used to run smoothly on lower settings now on low settings i cant even play the game properly,and in some games the fps is just horrible from the beginning even on the lowest settings which should be smooth i checked even the pc requirements for the games and my pc could handle them (laptop actually just used to saying pc).These are the things i tried so far:
1.Putting a ton of settings for best performance on my laptop (didn't work)
2.Changing some things in the registry for even better performance (i made sure they were safe changes don't worry tho that's irrelevant ul see when i get to the last bit)
3.Disabling a ton of services that dont do anything that i need and were safe to turn off
Now were getting to the checking for viruses.
I tried a bunch of antivirur/malware programs only to find PUPs which arent even that big of an issue i know i had them before,then i discovered something about a bitcoin mining virus that had very similar symptoms to what im having and i followed the process to eradicating it but still found absolutely jack.CCleaner didnt do anything neither fixing broken registrys or cleaning up junk on my pc it still remained.
Then i checked for overheating and how to fix that and basically it told me to just blow out the dust that's clogging the fans and i did so,problem still remained.
Last resort:Total system reinstall without keeping anything at all on it.
Guess what?Nope,problem still persists.
Now i come to these forums in hopes that someone with a ton of tech knowledge will look at it and tell me what the hell is going on with my laptop which used to run smoothly.The only thing i can suspect at this point is just hardware failure which i really hope is not the case cause i kind of don't have time right now to get my laptop to another city that has the only hp laptop servicing facility in my entire country (Serbia),so i want to see if there might be anything else i can try.
Thanks in advance and sorry for any mistakes,if u have any questions feel free to ask me.
Thats the repost heres the update:
Tried Unparking my CPU to no avail
Installed MSI Afterburner to view the temp and usage for everything on my pc.What i noticed when the frame drops happen in League of Legends (Since its the only thing i can test it on without wanting to throw my laptop through the window(no,not at any point did i hit my laptop,drop it or somn like that))is that my gpu 1 usage goes from like 90 percent to like 0 and then goes back again.This problem is only fixes itsself after a while on league of legends only,on other games its always awfull even on games that should run perfectly and that i USED to run perfectly (tera/paladins for example).
heres the usages for each thing on my pc btw:
cpus 1-4 usage:20-50 percent while playing league,temperature around the 80C or a bit more mark
gpu temp same as cpu gpu 1 usage is mostly 80-90 percent gpu 2 usage maybe 12 to 20 percent
ram usage 2.2 gigs of ram
Thanks in advance,hope i have more luck on this forum
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i guess your talking about some bios option for cpu? Never heard of unparking cpu.

If your getting 80c+ for 20-50% usage that most likely is the issue. Replacing thermal paste and cleaning fan well would solve this issue for sure. Too bad it voids warranty. Downclocking and limiting processor max usage wont help much if your throttling at 50% or less anyway.

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