Question How can i access my F keys without holding the fn key?

May 27, 2019
Hello everyone!
When i want to use my f keys for renaming folder which is f2 or reloading this web page which is f5 i have to hold the fn key first but when i want to turn on my keyboard light which is f5 or mute my laptop's volume which is f6 or anything else i don't have to hold the fn key. in other words i
just have to press the f keys for anything that is related to my laptop (volume, brightness, keyboard light and...) and for anything that is related to the windows (reloading pages ,renaming folders and...) i have to hold the fn key before pressing the f keys. every other device that i know is quite the opposite.
so anyone knows how to switch these two?


Jan 21, 2016
Take a look at the following article:

You may have to do some investigative work on your own behalf through a consultation with Dr. Google in relation to your exact manufacturer and model.