Question How can I check activity from long ago?

Dec 6, 2021
Hi, I bought a laptop from display and they told me that the laptop was never sold or used by someone before. However, when I got home, I found someone's CV in the documents folder. Is it possible to find out whether the laptop was used for a brief period of time? The CV was created in May. Thanks in advance.


Existence of a CV in there IS evidence of someone using it before.
Suggest do a full OS reinstall, which will eradicate any and all previous users.

I had a similar situation long ago.
A used desktop of the Return Rack,

I asked the salesman - "Has this had a full OS reinstall?
'Oh yes, we do that will ALL returned systems'

Later, asking the manager - 'Absolutely, Sir. That is our standard procedure'.

Later that evening, at home, poking around in the Registry.
Find a previous owners name, address, phone num, credit card num, etc. Apparently he had bought and registered something, and it was stored.

So...the sales people LIE.
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