Question How can I connect Altec Lansing Ada995 to a digital Sony TV?

Nov 27, 2019
I have an Altec Lansing ADA 995 surround sound speaker and subwoofer set. I no longer have the Dell computer to which it was attached, but I would like to connect it to a Sony digital TV. Can anyone tell me what sort of converter I will need, and what cables I will need to set this up? I will need pretty specific directions. Mahalo for any help given. Marilyn
Which Sony TV model is it?

If it has an optical or digital coax audio output, you will need a spdif optical cable or digital coax cable and an optical/coax to 5.1 RCA converter box (including the optical cable)
The links of the cables and the converter box are just examples, there are thousands of different "brands" out there.

Altec´s color scheme:
Center & Sub (CEN/SW)
GREEN: Front Left & Right channel (FL/FR)
BLACK: Rear Left & Right channel (SL/SR) it means surround left and surround right, unlike stated in the video ;)

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