How can I connect to my android device is it is powered off?

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Nov 6, 2013
The kernel needs to be working if you want to connect your device to the computer. Why can't it be turned on ?
The only way to access the internal storage from a dead phone that I know of would be to open it and use specialized tools to connect directly to the flash memory chip, which is a complicated process. If your phone does boot but the screen stays black, then you might have a chance to connect it and access internal files using ADB ( If "adb devices" doesn't return a serial number even though you tried powering it on, then you're out of luck


Apr 18, 2014

I had a Samsung phone whose power button wasn't working, I took it apart and put it back together, but the power button still wasn't working, and of course it was now powered off! Plugging it into the USB made the charging icon come on, and I assume that means that there is some kind of kernel activity as per mazout360's post. I installed all the drivers, and made sure the windows adb driver was fully installed, i.e. no exclamation marks in windows device manager! Open adb in a command prompt, and type "adb devices" without quotes to make sure the phone is detected. It should be listed with a series of numbers or letters. Then "adb reboot" will work.



Mar 25, 2014
Try to use cables or cable, which supposed to be at any electronic shop. Then you need to connect your telephone to pc and there will appear a screen where you can choose smth like sync and usually when you try to synchronize the phone, screen should light up :) Try so and good luck :)
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