how can i even out my surround speakers with one side being an open area?


Aug 2, 2016
I have a surround system in my living room witch has an open floor to the kitchen so one side wall is closer to my surround area causing the right side to sound louder due to sound waves reflecting off wall, can I put something on the wall closest to keep the sound even on both sides?
Sure, plenty of sound reflecting and deadening materials out there.
When you go through the setup procedure on your receiver that balances each of the channels to play at the correct volume and set the time delay for each channel so the sound arrives at your chair at the correct time.
If your receiver has a microphone and you ran the auto setup it may have not worked correctly.
Go into the set up menu and do it manually. To set the time delay measure the distance to each speaker. For speaker level you are trying to set the volume of each channel to be the same at your chair while the pink noise is playing. The subwoofer level is not set up with pink noise.