How can I get surround sound from my laptop to a HT reciever?


Jun 12, 2016
I've got myself an old Home Theatre Receiver and the speakers that came with it. My laptop has HDMI out and a headphone output. Because I've got an older receiver, I don't have a direct hdmi input for the speakers. The back of the receiver only has standard composite input, some "digital input" I'm not familiar with, and multi-channel composite input (splitting front and surround speakers).

If I plug in an old DVD player to the standard L and R composite inputs, surround sound works fine. Even the old Gamecube works for surround sound, just so long as there's a "surround" option in the in-game settings. The thing is, I can't seem to get my laptop to utilize the back speakers. I tried using an HDMI to composite converter to no avail. I also tried plugging it into a projector with hdmi in and composite audio out with the "surround" option on, no luck. Even tried a 3.5mm to coaxial cable, nothing.

I'm guessing the best option is probably one of those external sound cards, but I don't know much about them, and was hoping someone here would know what the best option is for me. Thanks in advance!