Question How can I keep a swollen battery safe without sand?


Sep 5, 2016

My old Sony phone had its battery swell itself out of the case (yikes) and I've been trying to find safe ways to dispose of it to no luck. How can I keep it safe while I keep looking? I dont have any sand, but is there a similar material that would work? For example, I have Semollina flour which is pretty coarse and similar to sand in feel and texture.

So far, I have tried...

Going to a local recycling place my council sent me to — only to arrive there to a sign which said that I'd get arrested if I enter the premises. Yeah go figure.

Sony — who sent me to a local service center for Xperia devices

The local service centre — who sent me back to Sony cause they couldn't help

Sony again — who was lost as to what to do in the matter and arranged a call for a manager to speak to me

Random independent repair phone shops — which refused to do it (Weird... don't they get swollen stuff in???)

Random recycling companies — who could help only if I was a company

A household waste place — which requires a car that I don't have

Wtf...? Based on this experience coming from an obvious lack of need for such a service, I'm assuming people throw batteries out in random places, which I won't do for obvious reasons. I'll pressure Sony to help me next time they call.

In the meanwhile, how can I keep the battery safe? It's pretty hot outside now that its summer so if I take it out it might actually explode.