How can I turn on my Vizio TV without a remote and without buttons to the TV

Nov 19, 2018
Having the same can’t program a remote without having the tv turned on...can’t turn the tv on without a remote. Who makes a tv with no buttons?
Some TV's the on-TV buttons are not obvious. For example on a Samsung model, the activating button is underneath the Samsung logo, and u have to press it x times or hold it for a few seconds blah-blah. Have u consulted the manual? On my 8 years old Samsung again, the buttons are TOUCH buttons, not physical buttons on the bezel and they only light up when I pass my fingers on them. Manual is Godspell.



Don't think anyone does, you just have not found the buttons.
Not sure why the TV being off changes how you "program" a remote.
If it's the most common type of universal you select the remote codes with a number that represents the location of those IR codes in the memory of that particular remote. The remote manual lists those locations and there are usually not that many codes for one manufacturers TVs that it's too difficult to try them one at a time. The on command is perfect to try the codes.
If you get a Logitech Harmony remote those are programmed from their online database with the MyHarmony app. Again the TV doesn't have to be on or even in the room while you do this.
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