How can moving a laptop around a room break a hardware driver for wifi?


Jan 13, 2010
This is a strange one.

I have a brand new ASUS x205 which I updated to Windows 10 as soon as I could.

So far there has been one problem.

At the library where I sometimes go to work, there is a Quiet Room and a Lobby Area.

I started in the Quiet Room and connected to the Library's free wifi. No problems.

Then I picked up my laptop and moved to the Lobby. When I got there my browser stopped working and I noticed a red x over the network.

I did a troubleshoot and it said my Broadcom hardware was no longer functioning.
It could not repair the driver.
Rebooting did not fix it.
Deleting it did not fix it.

I brought it home and tried to connect to my home and it was still non-functioning.

Then I called ASUS support and they asked me to do a Reset.
The Reset fixed it (at the cost of having to reinstall several apps).

About one week later, I went through the same routine, same library, same two rooms....and it happened again!

Only way out (that I knew of) was the Reset!

How in the world could moving a laptop within a building cause a Wifi driver to malfunction!?

Note: I've also posted this question here:

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