how come nobody responded to my earlier post


Nov 12, 2013
I recently submitted a question about my laptop which nobody has reponded to. I am in need of help and there is no place near me to take it to as I am currently deployed. My question was I had a boot error on my Asus Laptop so I rebooted it in windows and now when it boots up all I have is a black screen. How to I change the boot order back if I can't see it? SOMEONE PLEASE help.
Thank you


There can be several reasons that it won't boot. The best thing to do is boot from an installer CD or USB stick so that you can try running a startup repair. You should be able to access your bios just as the machine begins to POST before it attempts to enter the operating system. There are different ways for different machines to get into the bios, but del key, F2, F10, F12 are among the most common.